What Actually Makes A Difference?

The 1920’s became known as the roaring 20’s. World war one had just concluded and the Spanish (yes infections are named after places) flu was subsiding. Prosperity was on the up and new technologies such as the motor car becoming more prevalent. The “party” ended in...

Do You Rely On Willpower Or Willingness For Success?

Do you rely on willpower to change habits, behaviours and patterns of sabotage?  How high is your willingness to make changes in your career, relationship or life? Willpower Some people believe that they can change habits and improve their lives if only they had more...

Resilience Is Not A Dirty Word

In the early 1970’s my parents built a house in what was then the outskirts of Perth. The district had a startup footy (AFL) team. Many weeks we struggled to get a full team on the park and sometimes “borrowed” players from the opposition if they had spare. We did not...

Tips To Boost Your Immune System

Our protective roof against viruses is our immune system. We hear a lot about ways to support your heart, lungs, liver, brain and bones but surprisingly little about how to boost your immunity

What Really Matters In Life?

Whenever one visits a cemetery the descriptions on the headstones have a certain theme to them.It is not about the size of their house, whether they owned a yacht or even about a business they may have run. Headstones always describe the most important relationships.

How To Create A Mindset For Fitness

How To Create A Mindset For Fitness

So many people tend to make excuses as to why they can’t get fit or even be consistent in their exercise program. Folks, let me tell you, there are none.In order to get fit, you’ve got to want to get fit.

A Dozen Tips For A Stress Free Christmas

For virtually everyone there was a time when Christmas meant fun. It is a slightly sad reflection on society that so many people see Christmas as a stressful time.This year ask yourself what needs to happen for me to enjoy Christmas as much as when I was six years old?

Six Tips For A Longer Life

Six Tips For A Longer Life

OK its now “official” - being sedentary does actually kill you. The negative impact of a sedentary lifestyle on our health has been observed for many years but it has now been clearly shown and quantified. An Australian study of 8800 people over six years found those...

Twelve Simple Tips For Better Sleep

Twelve Simple Tips For Better Sleep

The human body needs sleep. Over the last century the amount of sleep people get has declined by over an hour. It is estimated that at the turn of the twentieth century we averaged nine hours per night. Today the average is under eight hours per night. It is fair to...

Your Key to Successful Weight Loss

Have you ever wondered why you keep dieting? Why you may lose a healthy amount of weight but then spiral out of control? Why you never seem to be able to restrict your food intake properly? Why you turn to food as a source of comfort? Why you can’t stay on a diet?

As The Song Said – “It Wasn’t Me”

Responsibility for unacceptable behavior needs to be placed where it belongs, with the individual who has done whatever it is they have done. Making medical excuses or blaming something or someone for the behavior of people is not the answer.

When The Little Darlings Won’t Eat Fresh Fruit

When The Little Darlings Won’t Eat Fresh Fruit

As a mother of two (one of whom was only rarely picky, the other a bottomless pit of imminent starvation), I feel compelled to say that any kid of mine who would dare to advise me that they “won’t eat fresh fruit” would be going hungry