DIY Health - Putting You In Charge Of Your Health
DIY Health - Putting You In Charge Of Your Health
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Dr Joe has made it his mission to educate and inspire with unbiased and intelligent health advice ensuring your health remains under your personal control. Dr Joe’s DIY Health is filled with common sense, easy-to-understand information that makes being healthy practical and affordable.”
-George Helou
Founder of

Dear Joe,
I just wanted to say a quick thank you- I finished reading your book a few weeks ago myself and have kept it on my bedside table since and re-read many sections with Simon.
I thought we were quite healthy before, but now that we’re implementing your strategies we’re feeling drastically better!!!
Thank you so much,
-Beth Tysoe

Good practical advise that doesn’t cost much to keep you
The book is great.
-Paula Gray

Enjoyed your book – simple, honest and easy to absorb! Thank you Dr Joe.
-Coco O’Leary

Received your book this morning and have read it. Just want to let you know I think it is fantastic and so true. I follow what you suggest. I don’t buy low fat food and I don’t eat processed food and I have protein with every meal. Thanks a million.
-Cheers Joan