After over 30 years in medicine it is clear to me that the current system is not working. It is based on waiting for people to get sick and then offering them a pill, a hospital bed or other expensive technology. At the same time “health systems” are struggling to cope and costs are rising steeply. The answers offered are always more of the same. There is little support for those wanting to focus on health.

There is another way. It is not a given that you must get ill as you get older. It is not a given that rates of cancer, heart disease and diabetes have to keep rising. Above all else it is not the case that you need to be a victim and get caught up in fear.

This site will bring together commentary, ideas and information on all aspects of health and wellbeing. Conventional wisdom and the pronouncements of authorities will be questioned. This blog will have common sense, which in today’s world is no longer common. Some posts may be controversial and question orthodoxy. Some I may not even agree with. It will help you though to be armed with knowledge and therefore able to make the best decisions regarding your own health.

This is the site to visit if you want to be in charge of your health.

Your comments are always welcome.