It's only fair to share…

Having healthy habits can help prevent disease and premature aging. If we were to address inflammatory conditions, we’d find toxic habits can be the hidden root cause sucking up years of our life force. Which makes the opposite true. Changing toxic habits can keep us younger longer.

*Creating a healthy digestive system is key to a healthy mind and body. So what are some of the roadblocks?  Data shows poor gut health from hidden toxic exposures in foods and our environment are linked to most chronic illnesses, including childhood illnesses.
For one: many dioxins are found in processed meats.
Secondly: Wheat can contain hormones and pesticides. Gluten sensitivity can be linked to brain fog, headache, fatigue, joint and muscle pain, premature aging, and depression. As with fatigue and brain fog, people with NCGS may notice a worsening of skin symptoms such as psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis herpetiformis, after ingesting gluten- containing foods. What can you do? Eat organic plants and grains such as organic oats, buckwheat, and quinoa that aid digestion instead of compromising it.

*A healthy individual does not need multiple medications to be well. Medications such as Zantac and Prozac may increase the risk of cognitive impairment, weight issues, and depression. Reduce junk food exposure and add in meditation. Be kind to yourself!

*Take time to remove toxic chemicals from your home. Data supports the concept that continuous exposure to a pro-inflammatory environment drives changes in the production and release of inflammatory mediators in the brain. Purchase non-toxic cleansers and organic skin care products. Visit a holistic dentist to reduce oral inflammation. Ditch the toxic toothpaste and mouthwash. Use an air purifier and organic essential oils to clean the air in your home. Ditch the toxic plugins and spray fresheners that can cause hormone imbalances.

*Get enough sunshine to absorb Vitamin D. About 15 minutes before 10am. Note: Absorbing sunlight is not promoting a sunburn.

*Let go of sugar. Addictions to sugar and alcohol keep us sick, fat, toxic and depressed. Stimulants such as these lead to adrenal fatigue and premature aging of our skin. Add in healthy fats such as organic avocados and nuts to reduce cravings.

*Many of my clients use a Far Infrared Sauna in the evening. Sweat improves circulation and congestion within the skin and the body.

*Eat for a long and healthy life and reduce obesity. There are anti – carcinogenic benefits to eating organic kale, asparagus, broccoli, brussel sprouts, and spinach. Dietary change is a critical component for reducing obesity and suppressing inflammation. Excess adipose tissue produces inflammation-inducing cytokines, directly altering our genes and causing cognitive impairment.

*Sleep well, and get regular exercise. Both increase mind, body and skin health while reducing stress and inflammation.

Remember: When our cells lose enough energy they die, leaving behind a path called inflammation and premature aging.