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Collage of many X-rays in very good quality.Taking care of yourself is a very important part of being and staying healthy. Of course, there are many different temptations that face us all the time. While there’s nothing wrong with indulging a sweet tooth every now and then, or in having a glass of wine to relax after a long hard day, it’s important to know what you have to do in order to be healthy for the long run.


What does being healthy mean to you?

When you are healthy, it means that you are able to do all of the things you want to do without fear that your body is going to fail you. Being healthy means that you can live a life that is unencumbered by soreness, joint pain or health problems. Working to stay healthy can get more difficult as we age, but there are plenty of people who manage to stay healthy and are all the better for it. A key component of health as you age is bone health; our bones are what make up our skeleton. So it is important to ensure you have a strong and healthy skeletal system. Bone loss is one of the key factors that is responsible for a weakened skeleton, so let’s take a look at the top five factors that contribute to bone loss.


Not enough calcium in your diet

Bone loss is caused when you have insufficient calcium being taken in through your diet. The body has to draw on the supply of calcium in the bones to perform its usual functions, and so the bones become depleted. A way around this is to ensure that you are always taking in enough calcium through either organic calcium supplements or through your diet.


Insufficient exercise

If you’re not getting enough weight bearing exercises done, it can mean that your bones become weaker through not being used and stressed. Always ensure that you walk where you can, and speak to your doctor if you have concerns about this being an issue for you.


Poor health and diet

If your diet doesn’t see you eating enough foods that are rich in calcium and Vitamin D, you may experience bone loss due to simply not getting enough of the right stuff. Speak to a dietician or to your doctor about this if you feel you may be at risk.


Medication use

Certain types of medications (like corticosteroids) play a role in the erosion of bone in the body, especially when there is chronic use. Speak to your doctor about this one too.



If you’re a smoker, it’s always time to quit. Cigarette smoke is toxic to bone and causes bone loss at a faster rate.


So what’s next?

Making sure that you follow a balanced diet that is rich in various sources of omega 3, Vitamin D and calcium is going to be a great way to ensure that you’re staying ahead of the game when it comes to bone loss. Ensure that your food sources are organic wherever possible and that you’re taking supplements to help you to achieve the right levels of omega 3 and calcium, as this is going to be critical to your bone health and to preventing bone loss. Everyone has the right to have a healthy and strong body, so ensure that you stay on top of your diet and your supplements, and you’ll be in the best possible condition to stay healthy.