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Many people trip up on their eating plans because they get cravings. They resist and resist but then finally give in. This can result in binging on all the “wrong” foods and set you back on your quest. It makes more sense to allow yourself small treats as you go. This defuses the longing and also takes your mind off what you feel you are “missing”.

Here are three more tips to help you deal with cravings.

1) Drink green tea – Often cravings are a signal for your body to drink more water. A cup of green tea will give you a burst of no calorie sweetness; it may increase your metabolism and has antioxidant benefits as well.

2) Try the 30-second trick – Instead of missing out on something sweet and craving it even more, take one bite and let it sit in your mouth for 30 seconds. You will get to enjoy the flavors and textures whilst tricking your brain into thinking it has had more. The trick is not eat it all though!

3) Grapefruit – eat ½ before meals as it lowers insulin levels in the blood thereby helping to stabilize blood sugar levels and avoid the spikes that cause cravings.