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April 15th, 201301338 Banning smoking in certain places does not stop smoking, it just moves it somewhere else

December 15th, 201222064 As the year draws to a close it is interesting how three of the key themes that I have written about this year have all raised their heads. And the three intersect.

December 10th, 201201230 What’s your blood count? Blood pressure? Bone density? PSA? If it is abnormal, odds are that you will want it to be normal.Like much of what we do, treating the...

November 30th, 201231753 It is taken as read that check ups and screening are good for us. The logic is almost intuitive. Finding disease early is better than finding it late as treatment can be...

November 26th, 201201117 We all know that smoking is not good for us. This infographic has interesting facts and figures in an easy to read format
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