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I am sure that many of you reading this have heard this before, “Thoughts Become Things.”  Have you ever woken up and thought to yourself, “This is not going to be a good day?” Now looking back, if you didn’t change your thinking pattern at that time, I am guessing you had a very bad day. Now on the other hand, had you woke up thinking that way, and then said to yourself, “I am going to make this a great day, who says it has to be a not so good day” I am sure you would have had an Amazing day!

When we can learn that we are in control of our thoughts, and what we think about most is what we become…life starts to become Amazing! You might be thinking, “How can I control every thought that I have?”  Well, you can’t but you can listen to what your body is telling you.

Lets say you just received an unexpected bill in the mail and you are thinking, “I don’t know how I am going to pay this, I have so much debt as it is now.” How is your body feeling, what is happening? Your stomach might be feeling a little funny or you may start to have a slight headache, etc. So now, visualize that you received that same unexpected bill in the mail but you are now thinking, “No worries, I can pay this very quickly.” Notice the difference in what your body is doing?

The more that you can learn to control your thoughts, the sooner that you will have the life that you truly desire. It is so important that you are making sure that you are choosing the right ones instead of the ones that you don’t want.  Here are some suggestions that you can do to help you.

Tips On How To Have Your Thoughts Consistently Be The Ones That You Want:

Get Clear:

First of all you need to get clear on what it is that you really want. For example, take one area of your life, lets say it is relationships, now take a piece of loose leaf paper and draw a line down the middle of it. On the left side put how your relationships are right now. Then in the right hand side put how you would like them. For example, if you wrote that on the left hand side, my spouse and I are always fighting, sometimes I don’t even want to be around them. On the right hand side you might want to write, I love how my spouse and I get along with each other beautifully. Our relationship is full of love, trust and respect, etc. I really enjoy spending time with them.

Continue to write out how you want your other relationships to go, lets say with your teenager. Then when you are finish, take everything you wrote on the right hand side, it should be a total of maybe 2 or 3 things and write it out on a big index card as if it already is happening. Rip, burn or shred that paper and whenever you tend to have a negative thought about your spouse, teenager, etc. start saying that statement that you wrote for that particular situation.

By replacing those negative thoughts with positive ones, you are focusing on what you want rather than what you don’t want. You will start to notice that the more that you can do this, the more Extraordinary your relationships are getting. Once you have your thoughts in regards to your relationships where you want them, you can start moving into another area of your life, like your Business, etc.

Stay In The Now:

When you stay in the Now, you can control your thoughts much better.  If you are stuck in the past you are only going to start thinking in a direction that you don’t want to go.  By staying in the Now, you are in tune to what is going on in that moment which makes it so much easier to control your thoughts.

By taking little breaks throughout the day and by going to your favorite place in your house and just letting yourself  ‘Be’ you will find that you will be able to stay in the ‘Now’ much easier. I unplug from my electronics several times throughout the day and go out on my screened in porch and sit in my favorite rocking chair.  Sometimes I will read something inspirational or write in my journal and other times I just sit there and clear my mind. I find that by doing so I am feeling very inspired, creative and recharged and I am only thinking in that very moment.


I find by writing in my journal every morning before I get on my computer and putting down how I want my day to go helps tremendously.  If there is a conference call or a presentation I have to give, by writing out how I want it to go and then focusing and visualizing on it to happen that way, usually it happens just like I visualized it to be or even better.

By getting into the feeling of what you wrote, it helps whatever it is that you desire to happen even faster and usually even more extraordinary then you intended it to be.  By adding gratitude when writing whatever it is that you want to happen as if it already has, is an important component in making it happen.  Also, when you have gratitude then fear cannot exist at the same time. So if you want your presentation to go perfectly, by having gratitude continually there won’t be any room for fear.

Control Your Mind:

It is so vital for you to be in control of your mind, rather then it be in control of you. When you are in control of your mind, you have control over what you thoughts that you are putting out. Remember, what we put out comes back to us…so it is so vital to have only the ones that we choose to go out. Think of yourself as a big magnet, every time that you have a thought it comes back to you. So you want to be very careful of the thoughts that you are putting out. Sometimes it is necessary to put blinders on the negative thoughts that we are having.

An easy exercise to help you to control your mind consistently is, by writing on a big index card either an affirmation that resonates with you or your goal for your business. You might write…”I am so happy and grateful now that I have a very successful  __________ business that generates X amount of money or more each and every week and continues to grow. Thank you.” Now every time that you have a limiting belief or a negative thought replace it with either the affirmation or your goal. By doing this consistently you are reprogramming your mind to think the thoughts that you want it to, rather then the thoughts that it wants to.

Get Into The Feeling:

One of the biggest challenges that I see my clients have is that they will do all of these things above, but they are not still not seeing the results that they want. They might see some glimpses of it, but they feel like they are not where they want to be. The reason being is that it is not enough to just think positive thoughts. You must get into the feeling of whatever it is that you desire, as if you already have it. For example, if you want a new car…go test-drive the exact one that you want. Get into the feeling of already having it. Since your subconscious mind does not know that you don’t have it, by continually thinking as if it is already yours, it will be and probably much sooner then you thought.

Back in 1997 after Christmas I ordered a new car. Since they were back ordered I told the salesman I would be ready to pick it up the end of July because I wanted to pay cash for it. Mind you even back then, the car was still around $24,000.00 with taxes and everything. The end of July had come and he called to tell me that my car was in. I told them I may need 3 more weeks, but I would be in with a cashier’s check to pick it up. Never did I allow my thoughts to think, what happens if I don’t have the money. I am very happy and grateful to say that I picked it up when I said I would and paid for it in full.

 “Change your thoughts and you change your world.” ~ Norman Vincent Peale

I hope that these tips will help you to change your thoughts so that you can have the life that you truly desire.  If you think of it like this, if you decided that you wanted to have a healthy lifestyle, which would include eating healthy and exercising, you would have to continually be thinking in that way. Right? You would wake up in the morning and plan on when you were going to be going to the gym and you might make a grocery list of the healthy foods that you need for the day, etc.  You would be focusing on ways to keep yourself on track, right?

Think of feeding your mind healthy thoughts, you will consistently want to include the above tips to be able to do so. Now here’s the thing, just because you may have eaten something that you should not have, you aren’t going to just quit, nor should you with feeding your mind healthy thoughts.  Even if you start getting off track with your thinking, guess what…you are only a thought away from choosing the right one!


Susan Preston is a Relationship Consultant as well as a Mindset Motivator specializing in helping you to master yourself so that you can that have Extraordinary Relationships.. With her unique philosophy, Susan helps you to discover your true magnificence and how to embrace it. She will provide you with all the necessary tools to successfully bring out the best in your relationships starting with your mindset.

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