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Have you ever wondered why you keep dieting? Why you may lose a healthy amount of weight but then spiral out of control? Why you never seem to be able to restrict your food intake properly? Why you turn to food as a source of comfort? Why you can’t stay on a diet?

Many people go through a number of these scenarios as they struggle with their body weight and physical appearance. The sad truth is that these questions will always be present if the root cause of your weight gain is not addressed.

Your desire for weight loss can be motivated by a gnawing sense of inadequacy, a subtle belief that you are not quite wonderful the way you are. When your desires come from a place of inadequacy, your attempts to fulfil them are often thwarted or require tremendous effort.

When you have that first ‘aha’ moment… that glimmer of knowing it is about truly caring about YOU, to accept and love yourself right now… not that arbitrary day when the weight is lost. This is when lasting lifetime weight loss will happen.

How do we get to self-acceptance? How do we go from loathing our bodies to truly loving ourselves, our bodies? By shifting your awareness from ego-based, other-centred thinking to an acceptance of your body right now as it is. Self-acceptance also comes with the realization that you are inherently beautiful, loveable and worthwhile – just as you are now.

To get to that place of self-acceptance, it is important to detach from your negative body thoughts. Thoughts are just thoughts. Our thoughts do not define us unless we allow them to. Identify and detach from your negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts about yourself. Detaching from negative thinking takes focus in the beginning, but once you do, you will change your life forever. You give your thoughts power to control your weight, your health and your happiness.

Diet and lifestyle choices that you make from a place of self-acceptance will then lay the foundation of personal value. Valuing yourself is key in making better choices that result in weight loss. Why? Because you understand that you deserve it.

Self-acceptance will create self-love. Both will provide you with the energy, the motivation and the enthusiasm to move you forward in a “body and a life”, you love.

Living a healthy life is easy once you have the knowledge.


Dr. Lori Shemek  PhD, CNC, CLC is Founder and CEO of DLS HealthWorks where she actively helps her clients create successful weight loss and optimum health – at every level of health.  She is a Health Expert, Weight Loss Specialist, Speaker, Author.  Dr. Shemek is an Health Expert for the #1 ABC Show “Good Morning Texas!”

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