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Great leaders, such as Martin Luther King, inspired thousands of people. His words in his ‘I had a dream’ speech, were the fuel that powered his vision and created extraordinary change and great success for thousands of people.

What you may not realise is that your words are also incredibly powerful. If the words in a speech can influence nations, imagine how your words can influence your life. Are yours creating great results or are they part of the reason for your current results in your life?

If you are skeptical about how your words are the seeds for your future successes in your life, read these findings from a landmark study.

A group of people were put in a room. Each person was given a card with a few words written on it. The researchers asked the group to create sentences using these words before leaving the room. Unknown to the people in the group, the words had been grouped around the topic of ageing, and included words like ‘arthritis,’ ‘walking stick,’ ‘senior citizen,’ ‘pension’.

The findings were astounding.

The group given the words related to ageing walked out slower than they walked in. It was as if they had absorbed the words, instantly transforming them to become years older! In their own way the words had been a success in creating the essence of themselves.

In a related study, the group was split into two. The first group were given words related to hostility and rudeness. The second group were given words related to respect and politeness. Again, both groups were given the task of creating sentences with their words. They were then asked to give feedback to a person who was having a conversation right outside the room. The group with the ‘rude’ words barged right into the conversation, whereas the ‘polite’ group refused to interrupt the conversation until it had finished!

This illustrates the enormous power that words have, and their ability to shift and transform attitudes and physiology. If you spied on your inner dialogue, what would you discover? Are your words helping you become more successful, healthier and happier, or are they the very reason you are stuck where you are, not getting the results you want or struggling to change?

Make a decision now to be a spy on your inner dialogue and to change your negative and self-defeating language. Replace your language with positive, empowering words. Consider how you can prime yourself with an endless source of free fuel for your future successes. You just have to think and speak in words that make up what you truly desire.

Go on, give it a go! The results will show up in your life sometime in the future.


Mandy Napier BSC, dubbed ‘The Mindset Alchemist,’ is a Mind and Performance Coach, Author, Speaker and a Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). She is the author of ‘Creating Healthy Life Habits’ and a unique 90 day online coaching program, ‘New Mind New You New Life.’ Subscribe to her free ‘Mindset Matters’ for powerful mind tools and action strategies at