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It is becoming increasingly common for athletes to utilise deep tissue massage for ongoing treatment of pain and muscular injuries. Whether you are looking for a competitive edge, longevity or simply physical wellbeing, deep tissue massage might be the solution to your problems. 

Here are 4 reasons deep tissue massage treatment carries a range of physical and mental benefits for athletes:

It targets deep layers of muscle and fascia

As the name suggests, deep tissue massage goes beyond superficial layers of muscle to target deep connective tissue and the microscopic fibres that connect all aspects of our body.

An experienced deep tissue practitioner will use various techniques to release this tissue, resulting in more flexible and softer muscle. In this regard, deep tissue is superior to other forms of massage for athletes.

From a recovery perspective, deep tissue massage is beneficial in supporting lactate clearance, as well as reducing delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and muscular fatigue.

It helps to reduce localised pain

Prolonged athletic performance can cause recurring muscular pains that affect other aspects of life. Localised pain can be caused by muscle, tendon and ligament adhesions that have occurred over a long period of time. Chronic contractions and tightness such as these can be relaxed in a deep tissue massage session.

Lower back pain is regarded as one of the most common ailments among athletes and the general public. Deep tissue massage is particularly effective at treating lower back pain to prevent reoccurence. A professional therapist will reduce the pain by way of a number of lengthening and cross-fibre techniques.

It lowers stress and promotes better sleep

No matter the level of athletic performance, the repetitive activities of athletes can result in significant physical and mental stress. Athletes suffering from stress may see longer recovery times and poor immune function, which can seriously hinder any chance at athletic improvement.

Deep tissue massage can help athletes to manage stress by lowering cortisol levels and improving the function of the parasympathetic nervous system. In turn, athletes can expect more restful sleep and better overall health in the long term.

It breaks up scar tissue caused by injury

Sports injuries are not completely healed by surgical intervention – the road to recovery can be long and painful, and deep tissue massage helps to fight pain and stiffness during recuperation.

Scar tissue often forms in the wake of surgery, causing ongoing pain and stiffness if left untreated. Alongside inflammation, scar tissue can prevent optimal blood flow, meaning the affected area does not receive the nutrients and oxygen necessary to recover quickly.

Experienced deep tissue massage therapists can identify and break up areas of scar tissue to help you return to prime condition as quickly as possible.