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Our brain operates as a complex bioelectrical system with about 85 billion neurons working around the clock. This send, receive, respond process (electrical pulses) of our brain and central nervous system, autonomic nervous system and sympathetic nervous system, is multi-tasking alongside our ten biological systems keeping them in balance 24/7. Brain aging may begin with interference in messaging between these systems by way of toxic exposures, glucose imbalances, and a toxic lifestyle altering the cells coding. Toxins have been found to deplete our mental reserves and become causal in misfiring electrical signals.

Surprising Signs Your Brain Is Aging Faster Than It Should 

*Depleted brain cells. Alcohol consumption kills brain cells and depresses your central nervous system. Alcohol creates inflammation throughout the body, interferes with cognition and memory, disrupts hormones, decreases testosterone, increases cortisol levels and causes brain shrinkage.

*A lifestyle of high anxiety and chronic stress harms your brain. Chronic stress poses a risk for DNA damage. Stress disrupts hormones, kills brain cells, increases premature aging and reduces immunity.

*Insomnia and sleep deprivation causes brain fog and brain aging. Sleep gives our brain a chance to release toxins, rebuild and rejuvenate. Lack of sleep can compromise our energy levels and activities and increase our risk for weight gain, depression, and diabetes. Insomnia can be liked to pineal gland dysfunction.

*What decreases information can age your brain. Brain cells depend on the distribution of information throughout the body. Ingestion of fluoride, glyphosate, refined sugar and processed foods are linked to brain fog and pineal gland calcification.

*Lost electrical connection. Brain injury (trauma) can occur during contact sports, a nasty fall, or an abusive relationship and increase the risk for a neurocognitive disorder. An electrical connection can also change when the myelin sheath is damaged. Creating a stable balanced-brain (homeostasis) is about taking steps to prevent injury to our brain.

*A sedentary lifestyle can cause rapid brain aging and brain shrinkage. Brain fitness is crucial for optimal brain health and building new brain cells! Exercise boost memory, reduces the risk for disease and improves mood, oxygen levels, and cognitive function.

*Young or old, if obesity is on the rise so is dementia. Obesity is instrumental in brain atrophy. Pro-inflammatory foods such as sugar, wheat, corn, soy, alcohol, and rBGH dairy will accelerate aging, decrease immunity, disrupt digestion and cause the storage of body fat.

*Our brain thrives on healthy fats. Nutritional foods and healthy fats are essential for brain health, cognitive function, and energy stores. Living on fast foods and trans-fats slowly increase brain deterioration. Trans-fats scars brain tissue, disrupts mitochondrial levels, and are causal in poor cognition and early brain aging.

*A toxic environment can age your brain. Exposure to chemicals such as smoking, pesticides, and heavy metals can lead to permanent damage to nerve cells responsible for producing serotonin. In addition, toxic chemicals can cause neurological, behavioral and DNA damage.

Some toxins include:

  • Lead toxicity can interfere with our neurotransmitters.
  • Methylmercury found in our food and water supply produces focal damage. (brain tissue damage)
  • Aluminum increases the risk for a buildup of heavy metals in the brain.
  • Cigarettes contain pesticides and other harmful chemicals, increase inflammatory conditions, and decrease oxygen and blood circulation to our brain.
  • We are bombarded by massive amounts of external EMF interference from cell phone towers, computers, smart meters, television stations broadcasting transmitters, geosynchronous satellites providing GPS guidance systems, and more. These may be associated with motor neurone disease.


If you need help turning brain-aging around, I am here to support you. I truly believe it is possible to slow down the aging process of our brain when we take a positive step each day toward wellness.