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Guest Contributor – George Helou

Understanding how your mind works is a great way to drive your life. When you do, be prepared to challenge your beliefs and begin increasing your awareness that beliefs are learned and can be unlearned. Let go of the idea that your beliefs are a part of your true identity. Find ways to connect with your subconscious to replace the self-sabotaging beliefs with empowering ones.

Choose goals that are vivid, inspiring and within your personal level of acceptance, but make sure they excite you enough to trigger a genuine commitment to seeing them through the cold turkey period. Change your interpretation of the restless periods of abstinence from fearful uncertainty to a joyful and optimistic realisation that your body is actually preparing itself for a sustainable new you.

During this challenging process, motivate yourself with constant visualisations of the new life with your healthy body, newfound wealth or relationship. Do not get caught in trying to control your thoughts. You need to learn how to alter your brainwave state so you naturally have thoughts that support, not sabotage you. And lastly, realise that only you, can ever change you, and hence why delaying change is simply delaying your happiness.

Change Tips

If you are ready to make change in your life and make the changes stick without “trying” or “hoping”, here are a few important points to remember: –

1. To achieve your goals you have to control your thoughts. This begins with your brainwaves. These will allow you to tap into your deeper states and use the mind power required to drive your actions swiftly towards achieving your goals.

2. You have conditioning that has formed your existing brainwave combination that predetermines your thoughts and leads to undesirable habitual behaviour. If your brainwave state and belief systems remain the same, achieving change is a lot like holding your breath. It won’t be long until you are gasping for the return of the habit that supports your doubting belief.

3. Your beliefs drive your perception and this in turn, triggers your automated behaviour including what genes are expressed in your body. These genes control how you feel about an environment that you make sense of by your conditioning. This is why you feel like doing what supports your subconscious beliefs, including the self-sabotaging ones.

4. You have an emotional body wired to feel like staying in its existing form. This controls your thinking so you feed your existing biochemistry by your propensity to “think” and “feel” like you always have to make this possible. Be committed to change well beyond 30 days to shrug the self-sabotaging habit, if you want to achieve your goals the easy way.


George Helou graduated from Macquarie University in Sydney with a Mass Communication Degree. As a personal development author, educator, lecturer, guest speaker, coach and trainer, George develops empowering programs that help people evolve to claim their personal freedom.

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