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For some people, lack of sleep is a serious condition that not only affects their everyday potential both socially and professionally, but also poses a risk to their general health. While it may seem unlikely considering all the recommended measures out there, it is easy to induce sleep simply by changing and improving certain aspects of your bedroom. With this in mind, here are some great tips on how to optimise your bedroom to enhance quality, undisturbed sleep.

Reduce noise levels

Sound, whether from music, voices or meaningless sounds, keeps the mind occupied, conjuring diverse thoughts depending on the subject. To this end, most people find it difficult to sleep in a noisy environment.

As such, always switch off appliances and gadgets that may be producing noise before going to sleep. In cases where the sound is coming from an external source, say from the neighbor, sorting out your problem either with the neighbor or the landlord may get him/her to turn down the volume. Alternatively, you can reinforce your bedroom with noise cancelling materials that are not only affordable, but also easy to find all over and quick to install. Don’t feel bad about making an issue of your neighbors’ noise though – sleep is vital, and you should defend your right to get some undisturbed rest.

Switch off the lights

Light directly affects sleeping, as the presence of light stimulates the hypothalamus to delay production of melatonin, a necessary hormone for inducing sleep. To ensure minimum exposure to light, make sure that you fit in comprehensive window shutters capable of covering the entire window. Also, fill all the gaps that may be letting in light to your bedroom from other rooms.

Cleanliness for comfort and peace

Hygiene is a prerequisite for comfort, and consequently good sleep. Cleaning your room eliminates the discomfort brought by things like dust in the air, foul smells and disorganization in general. To this end, ensure that your bedroom is vacuumed frequently. Also, always keep it under lock and key to keep pets out as fur residue on the bed may cause allergic reactions, making breathing difficult and disturbing your good sleep.

Overall, ensure that the room is always neat and organised as a disorganized room may arouse confusion, making it hard to ease the mind and sleep.

Kick out the TV and other gadgets

People’s attention nowadays is usually directed to the television and other electronic gadgets such as the computer, tablet and smartphone. In fact, these gadgets are so enticing that they may get in the way of your sleep and rest. As such, make sure to always leave such gadgets in other rooms when retiring to the bedroom. This will not only ensure you do not get tempted to use them before sleeping, it will also prepare you psychologically knowing that your goal is sleeping, stimulating the mind to rest and produce sleeping hormones.

Buy a good mattress

As well as the above factors, your mattress directly affects your sleep in various ways.

For starters, a mattress should support your body posture to ensure certain parts of the body, such as the lower back, do not collapse in the middle of the night. The mattress should also be soft and plush to induce maximum comfort and rest to induce sleep faster, and allow you to sleep peacefully for longer.

Nowadays, some mattresses come with additional features such as a temperature regulator to give your bed the optimal sleeping temperature. As such, make sure to look out for these factors when shopping for a new mattress as they can significantly improve your sleep’s quality.

These tips have been tested and proven to work incredibly well for most people who suffer from lack of sleep. As such, consider optimising your room to these guidelines to induce a good night sleep for an energized and rejuvenated tomorrow.


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