It's only fair to share…

We share this planet with millions of other creatures including a huge number of bacteria and viruses. Many of these are harmless and indeed we need the good bacteria in our gut. However there are also many known as pathogens that can infect us and make us ill. It is our immune system, which stands between potential invaders and us.

The immune system is a complex one which involves the lymph glands and lymphatic system as well as the spleen and white blood cells. Less well known, the skin, nasal passages and sinuses, lungs and gut also all have a role in the immune system.

Lois Pasteur reportedly said on his deathbed “the seed (germ) is nothing, the soil (body) is everything.” Whether you get a virus will be more determined by your health rather than the virus.

To use an analogy, if it is raining outside and you are inside a house, you won’t get wet – unless the roof is damaged and leaking.  The rain is the same but your protection has been damaged.

Our protective roof against viruses is our immune system. We hear a lot about ways to support your heart, lungs, liver, brain and bones but surprisingly little about how to boost your immunity.

This is a pity as it makes sense to be looking after and supporting your immune system.

Good news on this front then. I have recently taken a course of Kinoko-Gold AHCC. This is a supplement derived from mushrooms.

This is not an antibiotic or anti viral tablet. It works by stimulating and enhancing the body’s own immune system. For those interested in the scientific details there are over 50 human trials available. It is one of the better-researched natural compounds.

In simplest terms AHCC has been shown to increase –

1)   The numbers and effectiveness of T cell lymphocytes (which battle viruses)

2)    Cytokine production. These are messengers that help the immune system respond.

3)   NK cell activity. These are white blood cells which recognize and destroy infected cells.

4)    Macrophage numbers. These are the body’s waste disposal system. They chew up bacteria and cell debris.

So what can I tell you about my experience on Kinoko-Gold AHCC? Whilst taking it I did not get sick. Now I know that it is not possible to say that this is entirely due to the supplement. However supporting the immune system clearly is going to help it function more efficiently.

Personally I am a fan of mushrooms but many people are not, so this is a way of getting some of the goodness from mushrooms in a capsule.

There are no guarantees in life and nothing will place a force field around you making it impossible to get sick. However you can make it much less likely you will get sick by doing the following –

1) Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, which are high in antioxidants.

2) Get enough essential fatty acids such as fish, olives (or olive oil), linseed or   nuts.

3) Make sure you get enough sleep, as this is the bodies, recharge the battery time and drink 30ml/kg of water each day.

4) Manage your stress.

We cannot avoid the viruses and bacteria that share the planet with us. We can do things to strengthen our immune systems. In addition to the tips above you may want to consider supplementing with Kinoko AHCC. Do your own research and maybe give it a one months trial to see how you go.