It's only fair to share…

Current news about vitamin K is everywhere. In the health and wellness world, vitamin K is the new vitamin D3.

What I’d like to share today, however, isn’t about the vitamin K that can be bottled. I’m talking about supporting your digestive and immune system with a little vitamin Kindness!

When it comes to negative self-talk and unhelpful inner chatter, we Spoonies can really find ourselves in a downward spiral. That negative spin wreaks havoc all over – headaches, IBS, pain levels, mood swings/depression, inflammation, etc.

Do any of these thoughts sound familiar?

I can’t do anything I used to do….

I’ll never get better….

Everyone else around me gets better, but not me….

I’ve tried making lifestyle changes and it didn’t work….

I can’t eat healthy, it’s too hard….

I can’t eat healthy, it’s too expensive….

I’ve tried eating healthy, it doesn’t work….

I’m too old to get better….

I’m too young to feel like this….

I’ll never have a good night’s sleep again….

If (they/she/he/you) had the pain that I do, (they/she/he/you) would understand….

The goal in any health journey is to move forward – to make progress. Rather than a straight line (nothing is really straight about progress), focus on small and highly defined goals … one step at a time. Move forward in a positive, rather than a negative, spiral. Keep your goals in sight and address each distracting thought as it comes up.

When it comes to quelling the critical comments in your head, there are really only two questions you must consider. Analyze each thought individually, and ask …

1)      Is this thought moving me forward – and toward – my goals?

2)      Is this thought kind?

The second question is more important than you may think. We’re often kind to others, and severely unkind to ourselves. This disparity creates an emotional challenge that conspires to keep us sick.

Being kind takes practice. Being kind takes effort. Being kind takes consistency. Learn to be accepting, compassionate, and patient with yourself and with your physical progress.

Supplement your nutritional routines with heaping doses of vitamin K (Kindness) as often as necessary. And … don’t forget vitamins L and F (Love and Forgiveness)


Susan Ingebretson is an author, speaker and the director of program development for the Fibromyalgia Research and Education Center at California State University, Fullerton. Her book, FibroWHYalgia: Why Rebuilding the Ten Root Causes of Chronic Illness Restores Chronic Wellness, details her own journey from illness to wellness.

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