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Do you feel stuck or unfulfilled in your current career, relationship, health, financial or family situation? Are you fed up with where you are in your life right now? Would you like to safely step out of your comfort zone and into greater levels of success, happiness and fulfillment?

It is important to adapt to changing environments, whether these be the changing economy, career or business situation, family or personal situation. If you stay in your comfort zone, it makes it more difficult to adapt and to prosper in that new environment. It is only when we step out of our comfort zone that we learn, grow and evolve as people, and we excel in an ever changing world. Despite this, some people remain in their comfort zone.

The comfort zone

The comfort zone is called a comfort zone because it is comfortable. We get used to living life in a certain way and, unless something dramatic happens to propel us out of the comfort zone, we continue plowing along because it is what we know, what we are used to. Despite feeling unhappy or unfulfilled, we persist with the current lifestyle because it is all we know. The unknown is unknown and uncomfortable, so we stay where we are comfortable.

Some people are successful yet they are still unfulfilled because they know deep down inside that there is more that they can achieve; and they thirst for more. Again, to venture out of something that they know, where they are successful anyway, is uncomfortable. Regardless of whether you are highly successful or otherwise, after a while wherever we are in life, it becomes our comfort zone. To step out of it can be daunting or uncertain.

The 3 Catalysts

Generally, there are 3 catalysts that propel people out of their comfort zone:

  • things need to get really bad e.g. financial hardship, retrenchment, divorce, relationship break-up, major health issue, death in the family, etc. These lead people to rethink and to re-evaluate their life. They often commit to making a change and act upon it.
  • things need to be really good e.g. having a baby, getting married, being promoted, starting a business, etc. These help people to adjust and to step up to the next level of success and fulfillment in life.
  • getting fed up with being in the comfort zone. Life for these people is OK and they have no compelling reason to change anything… until one day they wake up and they decide enough is enough!  It is time to really live life and to experience everything that life has to offer.

The question for you is: Which one will you choose to step out of your comfort zone?” Will you be proactive and make changes or improvements in your life now? Or will you wait until one of the above catalysts forces you to change?

Reap the Rewards

To reap even greater rewards in life, we need to trust ourselves to take calculated risks and to back our own decisions. Remember, sometimes you need to go out on a limb to get the fruit. This means stepping out of what is comfortable for you now.

The best way for you to easily and smoothly step out of your comfort zone is to have new strategies for continuing to succeed and achieve your potential. When you develop new success strategies you can easily and smoothly step out of your comfort zone, and create even greater certainty for yourself. So rather than the unknown or uncertain, stepping out of your comfort zone becomes a wonderful exciting journey full of anticipation and even greater success and happiness.