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The results you achieve are in direct proportion to the action you take. What determines the actions you take? Your potential plus your belief.

This simple feedback loop is the why people who have success, spiral upwards to more and more success, and sometimes those who experience ‘defeat’, challenges or setback can spiral downwards into deeper and deeper hopelessness.

Your potential is limitless.

Your potential as a human being is so much greater than you imagine, as to be almost limitless. Amazingly, you can also increase your genetic, or physiological potential with visualisation, practice and self-belief.

Your actions determine your future.

The simplest way to predict the future is to create it! Your actions today determine the future you will enjoy or regret. If you have a choice between instant gratification and delayed gratification, choose delayed gratification every time. When you choose instant gratification, you will pay the price later, when you’ve long forgotten that sweet instant pleasure. When you choose delayed gratification, you quickly forget the work you put in and the rewards you receive seem almost magical. This is the secret to creating the upward spiral!

Focus on the results you want.

When you focus with laser clear vision on the results you want, it is almost like you can taste and feel it, experiencing the pleasure even before it has happened. Focussing on the results and what you will achieve helps you to make the tough choices early on, because you know the rewards will be so sweet!

Practice believing in yourself. Create certainty that you will get it done!

Your mind is a stack of beliefs on beliefs. Beliefs about beliefs. You have beliefs in the back of your mind that you don’t even know are there. How do they get there? Your beliefs are seeded and created by your experiences and what you focus on about those experiences. You already have a thousand experiences of success in your memories, though you may not count them as successes yet. You learned to walk & talk, two of the most dizzyingly complex tasks a human can perform, and you did it all before the age of 4! When you focus with belief on the results you want, and you take action to make it happen, when it does happen, it re-installs certainty in your belief: you’re like: “I knew that would happen!”

Simple tricks to train yourself into an upward spiral of awesomeness!

  1. Seed your mind with stories of inspiration, triumph and achievement.

Every time you watch an inspiring movie or read a book about achievement, your mind experiences that event as if it were you doing it! This is why action, adventure & romance movies are so popular; we can live vicariously through the characters. We can get emotional reading a story or watching a movie that speaks to us, and build our belief in what’s possible for people to achieve and overcome. Avoid unnecessary exposure to stories of despair and hopelessness.

  1. Smile more. (All the time!)

Watch the sequence that happens when you just smile, whether you’re happy or not.
Action – Smile!
Result – Boosts your immune system, lowers blood pressure, releases feel good hormones
Belief – You start to think more positive thoughts
Potential – Your potential for daily happiness expands!

  1. Take a power pose.

Action – Lean back with your arms up and out, look up. Or stand like wonder-woman.
Result – After 2 mins in a power pose your testosterone rises (that’s your confidence and power hormone) and your cortisol lowers (that’s your stress hormone)!
Belief – You begin to think more confident & expansive thoughts.
Potential – your likelihood of success increases.

  1. Reframe your challenges & setbacks

Stop yourself going into a negative spiral when you experience a setback or defeat by focussing on what you did achieve & how you can learn from it. Even Thomas Edison experienced setbacks in his inventing career, he famously said, “I haven’t failed 999 times. I’ve found out 999 ways not to make the electric light bulb!” Every ‘failure’ is one less way you ever have to try again; therefore it is one step closer to success!


Kylie Ryan is leading the revolution of inspired, action taking women creating health from the inside out.  Kylie teaches women who’ve “tried it all” why their past diet efforts end in self-sabotage at the bottom of the biscuit tin, and how finally to kick judgement to the kerb and begin a romance of self-loving kindness.

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