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There are two models that are directly related to success and failure cycles that help lead the way to either a positive outcome, or if ineffectively applied, a negative outcome. Those two models are:

The success model

The failure model

Creating a Success Model:

Creating a success model for positive lifestyle change involves several important components:

Clearly identifying the primary reason driving you to make the change and passionately committing to make the changes you desire.

Finding a support group or individual who will commit with you and support you…and you in return will support them in this important initiative.

Setting realistic, moderate goals for daily exercise and dietary reform and tracking progress daily through the use of a chart.

Making timely assessments of progress.

Identifying the obstacles that will cause you to lose focus.

Refusing to make excuses or accept excuses from your support person (s).

Having a coach.

Falling Prey to the Failure Model:

The understanding of the success model and the failure model is very important in trying to gain control of ones personal life. As one proceeds in trying to create a healthier lifestyle that includes moderate exercise and moderate nutritional reform, it is also important to clearly identify factors in their personal life that may contribute to a failure model. Success models are the goal, but identifying and overcoming the negative obstacles that almost certainly will occur as one seeks to change their life is equally important. The causes of failure can include people, avoidable circumstances and guilt. It is important to identify these causes in ones life and work hard to ensure that they do not cause the person to get off track.

One of the typically unrealized benefits of lifestyle interventions is that as a result of making a plan and sticking to it affects others.  Either knowingly or unknowingly the participant makes a tremendous positive impact on others around them and can cause more people to get involved in lifestyle modification as well. Success breeds success.

When someone does finally decide to make a conscious-committed decision to lifestyle change, their opportunity for maximal success can be enhanced by seeking professional guidance from an experienced professional source.  Seeking professional help is the logical solution to any major issue that seeks maximal results; when seeking medical advice contact a doctor; when buying a house contact a real estate professional; when buying insurance contact an insurance agent; and when investing hard earned money contact an investment broker.  Therefore, it should stand to reason that when seeking to improve ones wellness as a practical step in health intervention or simply to enhance self-esteem and increase performance potential, a wellness professional should be contacted.

As with any professional service there is some type of fee involved.  However, when one considers how much money is spent on entertainment and dining out it should become obvious that in a realistic approach there is money available to spend on a professional wellness program and/or professional wellness coach.  If you elect to use a personal trainer, be sure to find out what certifications the personal trainer has and what those certifications represent in terms of attainment criteria.  The trainer must also be quantifiably dependable and have the ability to motivate their clients.  In an effective lifestyle modification program, whether through a trainer, personal coach or formal program, there are several important criteria for the participant

1.                  Effective cardiovascular exercise

2.                  Effective resistance training

3.                  Effective nutritional modification

4.                  Effective support mechanism

5.                  Effective immune system education

6.                  Effective system to offset stress

7.                  Effective use of goals to attain success systematically

8.                  Effective time-management

Wellness of the body, mind and soul represents the missing link that can power up any success-oriented individual’s maximum potential for even greater success.  No matter how successful one already is, if their goals fail to address their physical well being, they are not realizing their full potential.  By adding proper exercise and proper nutrition to ones daily regimen goal achievement potential will be increased dramatically!

Geoff Hampton is a Medical Fitness Management & Leadership Development Specialist & Executive Director of the global grass roots campaign The Weekly Fitness Challenge .                       

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