It's only fair to share…

bump aheadMy step-mother can teach us all a thing or two about playfulness.

She embodies playfulness making time spent with her a joy.

She is the one, in the toy section of the store, playing with the toys or the person that gets a lively game of Spoons going.

My dad would pretend like the playfulness irritated his grumpy nature but deep inside he was giggling like a little kid.

My step-mother is always looking for that next great moment of silliness. The best one was when my dad and her were driving down the road and she lovingly tapped him on the back the head while belting out “Bump a head!”.  There was a street sign on the side of the road warning of a bump in the road – Bump Ahead – my step-mother took it as an opportunity to add playfulness to the situation. A boring car ride became a game to find the next Bump Ahead sign.

We all need a little playfulness and silliness in our lives. It has a way of lightning the mood and relaxing the situation.

How can you add lightness + playfulness + silliness to your world?

It really isn’t that hard. We knew how when we were children so just revert back to your child-like self. Here are some other suggestions for some silliness + playfulness:

1. Have a dance off in the kitchen. They always make me laugh especially with my husband’s new guacamole dance

2. Watch a funny movie with friends and/or family

3. Get a game going on with family and/or friends and make it one where you have to act things out like charades

4. Finger paint, play in the mud, colour, or build a sand castle – PLAY

5. Start a water fight, snowball fight or marshmallow fight (slightly stale big marshmallows are the best) – all great fun

The world needs more lightheartedness so be silly and playful making not only your life, but also the world a better place.