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Most readers will be old enough to remember “two weeks to flatten the curve”. This was over two years ago. Finally, most of the world is actually living with Covid. Even Anthony Fauci has had to (grudgingly) concede that the pandemic phase is ending, and we are in the endemic phase. Reuters reports estimates from Europe indicate that up to 80% of people have had Covid “…as the bloc enters a post-emergency phase in which mass reporting of cases was no longer necessary”.

We can now actually look at the different responses in different countries and in some cases within the same country and make assessments based on actual data. When was the last time that supporters of lockdowns and other mandates mentioned Sweden? Could be a while as Sweden sits 58th on the list of countries when ranked for deaths per million population and 57th for cases per million. This is quite a long way from being the worst as was predicted by some.

The UK lifted all restrictions in July 2021 and despite predictions of doom, it didn’t eventuate. The USA also provides the opportunity to compare different states with differing degrees of mandates and lockdowns. If harsher correlated with better outcomes, then Florida and Texas should be the worst and they are in the middle of the pack. In Australia we can compare NSW to Victoria.

Worldometer shows there have been over 500 million cases worldwide with 200 million of these or 40% occurring in 2022. By years end, well over half and maybe even two thirds will have been this year and with a steeply declining fatality rate.

In March 2020 I opined this,

“This is not, and I repeat not going to be a re-run of 1918!!  Previous generations lived through world wars. Ultimately Covid19 will go the way of every other doomsday prediction”.

In May 2020,

“The Chinese Communist Government has much to answer for. I express no opinion as to whether the virus came from wet markets or whether it “escaped” from a lab. The final common pathway is that the Communist government was more interested in saving face than in being transparent. That they were aided and abetted in this by the WHO means a genuine international inquiry needs to be held. This has nothing to do with race – it has everything to do with finding out what actually happened and who knew what and when”.

We now know that the virus did leak from a lab and that significant lengths were gone to in an effort to conceal this. And not just by the CCP. Significant allegations of conflicts of interest amongst scientists and even public health officials with regards funding and hiding of same have emerged. In due course there will be court cases.

And in September 2020

“We need too, as best possible, protect those who are most vulnerable to Covid19, and we know who these people are. We need to allow everyone else to get on with life in a sensible way”.

The latter turned out to be a touch premature, but this is where every jurisdiction aside Communist China is now at or is arriving at.

The vaccination drive has been unprecedented in world history. It has contributed to significantly lessening the severity of the disease in most people without really denting transmission. Also, as happens with viruses as they mutate, they become more transmissible and less severe. This has been the case with omicron which causes in the main a very mild illness barely worse than a cold. There are of course some who get a severe form and as with all infections, some will die. This, however, reflects more the situation of the individual rather than the virus.

The costs in terms of lost schooling, mental health problems, increased suicide, job losses, and off course the human cost of separation from family and funerals unattended to name but two are not as easily counted as positive tests.

In the next few years, a more dispassionate assessment will be made.   There may be future pandemics and we need to learn what made a difference and what made us “feel we did something”.

Let us hope that lessons are actually learned.