It's only fair to share…

We all desire good health and a fit body but unfortunately, most of us have tried (for a while) and unfortunately, have given up. There are many reasons for this but a common reason is that the majority of people do not have accurate information – simple as that.

Change doesn’t happen overnight add to that it takes dedication and consistency. If you’re ready to start living a healthier, happier life, these tips will help you make it happen – starting today! It take commitment –– make that commitment. There are actions you can take now with your diet, exercise and lifestyle, that will lead you one step or many steps closer to your desired goal. 

  • Modify Your Mindset

This step is easy once you know your big ‘WHY’ why you want to change. Many times people want change but have no clue why they are really wanting to lose weight, for example…is it to feel more confident overall? Feel healthier? Have the ability to run a 5K race? Play with your children? Hold on to the real motivation behind the desire for change: remember the emotions attached to your WHY and always go back to them when motivation wanes – it will wane at times. This will get you on back on board quickly and over any obstacle along the way.

  • Change Your Environment

Did you know that you are a product of your environment? In a very powerful way. You are what you surround yourself with and that includes people, food, what you read, what you listen to, where you go, online friends, etc. So begin to surround yourself with healthy. Stock your pantry and fridge with only foods that are nutrient-dense – toss or give-away those foods you choose not to eat. Make room for nutritious, energy-boosting fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and healthy carbs. Start checking out fitness videos, read healthy info, take part in a program that ensures success, make sure your hanging out with (even online) those people who are supportive, health and mindset oriented for success that can provide knowledge on how you can succeed in your goal.

  • Start Small

Taking small steps brings you closer to your goal. That one small step is literally you taking control of your health and making conscious choices that empower you to live your best life. The key to jumpstarting your health and fitness is implementing small, manageable changes that are practical for you and ones you’ll be able to sustain. It doesn’t have to be complicated and overwhelming.

  • Accountability is the Key

Changing our health, fitness and lifestyle is challenging alone, we certainly have the drive and desire to succeed, don’t we? So with all of this going for us, why do we tend to fall into the frustrating and disappointing habit of letting ourselves down?

Three crucial aspects of success are: Structure, Accountability, & Routineor what I call the ‘Tri-Solution’ That is why each of my clients has the Tri-Solution automatically built-in with accountability and succeeds.

Research shows that when you have accountability such as with group coaching, a coaching program, personal coaching, a friend, journaling, a mastermind group, etc. – are simply, whether you realize it or not, the built-in Tri-Solution:  structure, accountability and routine.

Who do you know who will hold you accountable? Someone who will encourage you and offer up the ‘happy dance’ when you’ve gone beyond your comfort zone and yet also tell you to get back to it when you get off track? Accountability is your key.

Transformation and results are yours today. You have the power to be your own health hero! Take that first step – it is just one step, yet bringing you one step closer to your desired goal.