It's only fair to share…

The Australian Government has released guidelines on what we should eat. The document runs to nearly 200 pages. Last year the US government did something similar. Why does what we eat have to be so complex? It does not.

A lion in the jungle doesn’t need a book to tell it to eat Zebras. A sheep does not need guidelines to know that it should eat grass. Our ancestors knew instinctively what was best for their bodies. And deep down so do we.

Here are three tips to enable you to cut through the confusing science and longwinded guidelines.

  1. Eat mainly foods which till recently were growing somewhere or moving around.
  2. Eat mainly foods which if not frozen would need to be thrown out by next week.
  3. Eat mainly foods that your great great grandmother would recognize as food.

This will have you eating as your ancestors did. They ate what could be gathered or caught. They could gather more than they could catch. They ate fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, berries, legumes, meat, fish and chicken. (Vegetarians can substitute vegetable proteins and vegans can delete animal based foods). They did not eat food from boxes. They drank mainly water.

For good health, follow these simple principles when deciding what to eat.