It's only fair to share…

The lower back is the commonest area of the body for people to experience pain. Whilst for most it is transient some people will experience ongoing lower back pain and this can reduce enjoyment of life and impact on the capacity to work.

Treatments include physiotherapy or other physical modalities and medications. However if we can look after our back and make it stronger we can reduce the likelihood of lower back pain and also recover quicker.

Here are three tips to help your lower back and as a bonus they will help other joints too.

  1. Sit straight in your chair. Slouching increases pressure on the lumbar discs. If it helps get a lumbar roll or support for your chair.
  2. Yoga and Tai Chi have been shown in trials to help with lower back and arthritic pain. They are also good for general flexibility and of course are good for stress too.
  3. Water based exercises like aqua-aerobics or walking in water are great forms of exercise as there is little load on the back but you still exercise the muscles. This is particularly good for the elderly or those with chronic low back pain.