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Intimacy is a psychological state where both partners feel attracted and attached to each other and share a sense of belonging. It’s all about feeling alive, ecstatic and content while also trusting and allowing vulnerability. Intimacy is a state of relationship that cannot be achieved overnight, it gradually grows as two people get to know each other. Sexual intimacy requires emotional as well as intellectual intimacy to last the lifetime of the relationship.

Maintaining Intimacy in Your Relationship

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Significance of Intimacy in a Relationship

When we talk about intimacy we automatically tend to equate it with physical closeness or sex. Intimacy encompasses all of these but is far more than just being sexually intimate. It has a bigger purpose where mutual understanding is essential and required.

While we can’t ignore the importance of physical intimacy for a healthy relationship, emotional and mental or intellectual intimacy are the prerequisites of having any kind of lasting physical intimacy with your partner. When it comes to relationship success physical, intellectual and emotional intimacy should all intertwine favourably.

In no specific order, here are the 3 essential keys to maintaining intimacy in your relationship:

physical intimacy in healthy relationship


  1. Physical Intimacy is a Basic Requirement to Develop a Healthy Relationship


Physical intimacy is the most potent and common way to show love and brings you close to your partner. It’s not only about making out and is definitely more than just having sex. It makes you believe that you have a special place in your heart for your partner. When you become physically intimate with your partner, dedication, submission, desperation and belongingness for each other is reflected back to you.

It’s important to note that sexual dysfunction such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, problems achieving orgasm for either or both partners – or a bent penile shaft can all lead to stress, confusion and a lack of desire for sex. These issues can be easily resolved with the right knowledge and techniques – so make sure you take action to end the problem.

A marriage or love relationship cannot flourish and fully sustain without physical intimacy. Besides satisfying sexual encounters, other forms of physical intimacy include sweet kisses, cozy hugs, a romantic body massage or a simple back rub. Combining all of the above regularly, will go a long way to ensuring a long-lasting and happy relationship.

Physical intimacy plays an important role in a relationship from feeling the warmth of love, overcoming insecurities, to mitigating differences in opinion.


  1. Intellectual Intimacy Provides Liberty to Express Opinions for Better Communication

Intellectual intimacy allows both of you to share your ideas and thoughts freely even when your opinions differ from each other. When two people connect intellectually they feel comfortable and safe to share their views on any matter and without any fear of consequences. From family expenses to child rearing, politics to international matters or sexual preferences, couples can express their views and freely debate.

Maintaining intellectual intimacy is all about feeling safe and creating an environment of safety for both of you to express your views without the fear of being judged by your partner. This makes communication easier and strengthens your emotional as well as sexual desire for each other and helps to keep stress out of the bedroom.

emotional intimacy


  1. Emotional Intimacy Helps to Strengthen the Bond Between a Couple

Emotional intimacy is a state of elation where a couple connects with each other at an emotional level, free from worldly complexities. You feel closer to one another by sharing your dreams, desires, feelings, secrets, aspirations and by this process you become vulnerable to one another. Ultimately, chemistry builds up between you as you share and connect with each other’s deepest desires.

However, having a lack of patience and being in a hurry leads to emotional stress in your relationship. Unresolved emotional triggers cause the death of many relationships so need to be dealt with in a timely manner. Take time to understand what triggers your partner – often it is simple things like leaving the cap off the toothpaste or not tidying up after yourself.

We all have our quirks and it’s important to respect, honor, and do our best to create a happy and fulfilling environment for all to enjoy. This instills trust, acceptance, understanding and makes you feel respected and more connected to each other. It also leads to more sexual intimacy.

To enjoy emotional intimacy in your relationship you don’t need to spend hours together. Just helping each other in household chores, spending 30 minutes of quality time in a shared activity or hobby will do wonders.

Emotional intimacy comprises every feeling from love, affection, romance to sex which are pivotal to keeping your relationship strong. With growing age, if sexual desires fade away and you are searching for how to increase sexual stamina, emotional intimacy will remain and connect you at a deeper level.

In Summary

Be it marital or a love relationship, intimacy plays a significant role in building a healthy relationship. It helps both partners to realize how important and special they are for each other. No matter how many limitations or shortcomings you may have as individuals, it’s important to feel accepted and loved by your partner. Maintaining mental, emotional and physical intimacy are essential for keeping your differences in check to ensure you develop and evolve a healthy relationship. All in all, intimacy is a euphoric feeling which is important for sustaining a relationship long-term.