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Everyone has challenges in life, but it’s how we view these challenges, how we respond or react that add or detract from the quality of our lives, and are the precursor of what happens next. We all have a certain amount of stress in our lives. Some stress is good and often necessary to help us get moving, however, an overload of stress can be extremely damaging to our health.

Recent Neuro Science research has taken this one step further and discovered that contented staff in the workplace can save thousands of dollars in absenteeism and turnover. Whether your focus is to be healthier and happier, making more money in your workplace, or all three, here is your tonic to help you do just that.

1. Stop being so hard on yourself! If you make a mistake, try laughing instead of berating yourself. Research showed that when people berated themselves for procrastinating, they procrastinated even more! Laughing will not only interrupt that pattern, it will release some happy hormones and may well help you take action on your stagnating to do list!

2. Let go of the need to be right. If you are in the midst of an argument with someone where you are both arguing your point of view, try imagining the other person wearing a clown’s outfit, naked or speaking in a strange tone. At the very least it will diffuse the negative vibes, switch off your stress hormones and lighten the moment. You never know, you might both end up laughing.

3. Stop worrying. If you are someone who spends time worrying about something that hasn’t even happened yet, stop it now! Remember that most things people worry about are never as bad as expected and when they look back often wonder why they worried about them at all.   Acknowledge the worst-case scenario and choose to focus on the outcome you desire. This focuses your energy towards what you want and trains your mind to look for positive solutions.

4. Next time you are feeling stressed, stop what you are doing and focus on your breathing for one minute. Think about something or someone you love and notice how this makes you feel. This simple act of ‘getting out of your head’allows your nervous system to have a rest and, better still, focusing on something that makes you feel good and means your brain will reward you with a shot of dopamine, the ‘happy’hormone, a great antidote to stress! Remember that the simple yet vital act of breathing has the ability to calm you and also revive you. When you focus on your breath you become more aware of your body. Your nervous system functions better and your organs operate more harmoniously. Best of all it’s totally free and made you by!

5. Get outside into nature. Do something every day that fulfils your soul. Take a few moments to observe the beauty in nature all around you. This will help you be present and allow your nervous system to relax and heal. You will also feel calmer and this may well generate space for new ideas to sprout, or solutions to appear to a current problem.

Remember, life’s a gift so enjoy the present!


Mandy Napier BSc is a Mindset Specialist and Performance Coach, and has been dubbed the “Mindset Alchemist.” Having represented Australia four times in the ultra distance Ironman competition – including its most gruelling of all its races in Hawaii, Mandy Napier has dedicated her entire life towards understanding the ingredients of success, what it takes to achieve goals and dreams, and how to live a happy and fulfilled life. She has helped hundreds of people to change their lives for good, is a keynote speaker, has written and produced CD’s, E books and published articles. Her tenacious spirit, determination to help you succeed, along with her unique proprietary Mindset coaching methodology means she is a true and authentic leader in her chosen field.

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