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Enjoy-The-Little-ThingsI’m a planner, goal setter, and vision board creator so when someone asked me if I had a manifesto, the fact I didn’t took me by surprise. Nor did I really even know what one was.

I immediately Goggled manifesto and couldn’t understand why I needed one.

As I surfed the Internet for manifestos, I saw that companies were using them as a kind of code.

You’ve heard of a company having a Code of Conduct – an explanation of how they will behave in certain circumstances. A manifesto is not that kind of code but not far off. It is more like a list of things they stand for or believe in.

I thought, “We all stand for or believe in something and expressing it to the world might be a fun exercise.”

I began by looking at other company’s manifestos and then started to put together a list of things I believed in or stood for. I read the list over several times to see which items still resonated with me and crossed out ones that didn’t. Before too long I had a list that I felt good about.

I put my list into statements and viola I now have a manifesto.

Even if you don’t have a business, a manifesto is a great thing to have. It can bring you back to center when life gets crazy.

Begin creating your own manifesto with these tips:

  • Take a look at a few manifestos
  • Start writing down things that are important to you (have some fun with this part – add a bit of silliness)
  • Read over the list several times to see what really feels good to you. Have a friend read it to see if you embody your statements
  • Once you’ve settled on your list of beliefs it’s time to design your manifesto
  • Post your manifesto (you can make a poster and/or coffee mug out of it) and anytime you feel overwhelmed or lost, read over it.
  • Check over your manifesto yearly to see if it still applies and change as needed

If you are artsy you can play with different fonts, colors and layouts to create a work of art out of your manifesto.

There can be a mix of serious and fun statements in your manifesto. Make it representative of your personality by putting personal statements in it like “Silly socks make me giggle”.


Nanette Achziger – is a wellbeing advocate, culinary explorer and author. Nanette is passionate about sharing how easy it is to achieve a general sense of health and wellbeing. Through tips and tools in her blog and her book, Kaizen, she shares ways to create your own self-care rituals, reduce toxic exposure, and nurture our selves through food, connection and self-love.