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When it comes to New Beginnings – weight loss, fitness and success in a healthy lifestyle – eating habits must be carefully considered. But most of us just eat with little or no thought to how, why, when. It’s a habit…a mindless habit that has, in most cases, taken us down a path we didn’t desire with results we definitely don’t like. So now, we sit, ready for a new beginning – a new relationship with food. How does that occur?

Let’s tackle this by identifying and correcting 3 keys to eating habits that serve to sabotage your health and certainly your new beginning if not addressed with care.

Why are you eating what you eat?

You really need to consider this carefully. You can either eat for the nourishment of your body or the pleasure of your palette. And which one you choose will have a direct impact on all things related to your waist, your health and the overall quality of your life.

This includes emotional eating… the “comfort” to the senses is a false comfort to the soul, the mind, the heart. Beware! Be mindful of your why. Be present when eating and eat first for nourishment, second for pleasure. In other words, high quality nutrition is essential but that does not mean tasteless, bland, boring food. Enjoy your food but create the right WHY as your new eating habit.

How are you eating what you eat?

This may seem like a strange question but again this eating habit is a big issue for many.

Are you watching TV, working on the laptop? Are you distracted, on the go? How’s your chewing…are you chomp chomp, gulping your food down? How long are you taking to eat – 5 minutes, 20?

The honest answer by most is probably yes to most if not all of those questions. BUT, the answer to a successful new beginning is  “no!”. You need to treat your meal times as appointments, as meaningful, purposeful, intentional events that are vital to your life and wellbeing. Take your time, focus on eating well and eating right as part of your new beginning eating habits.

When are you eating what you eat?

Are you eating willy nilly…all over the place, whenever and whatever? Stop it. You need a plan. And I don’t mean a rigid schedule. I mean a plan of when to eat what. Not all food is created equally. Different foods have different purposes in the body and they need to be timed correctly.

For example…carbs. They are energy food yet most of you likely eat them at times of the day when you are winding down, relaxing and not using them as intended. That means they are stored. But because you do the same thing tomorrow you never use the storehouse and so you add layer on top of layer of unwanted fat.

Understanding why and how foods nourish the body is essential to eating habits that lead to a successful new beginning.

When you form new eating habits based on these 3 principles, your success rate will soar. And that is the goal after all, right?


Carl Mason- Liebenberg is a Wellness and Weight Loss Specialist, Author, Fitness Coach, and a Leader in Creating a Lifestyle of Wellness.

His passion is for those who suffer from poor nutrition, related illnesses, addictions and overweight conditions; with a specific focus on women. Carl unveils the power of nutrition and fitness to bring recovery, healing, restoration and strength.

Carl has personally experienced what he teaches and continues to study and learn to improve his ability to teach you a Lifestyle of Wellness.

He has recently launched the New Beginnings RESET Guide that you’ll want to be sure to obtain in your journey to authentic wellness. For more information and opportunities please join him at