It's only fair to share…

1. Daily Meditation – Starting my morning with mediation keeps me grounded, patient, and expands my vision. Meditation reminds me to breathe deeply and include passion in everything I do.

Facts =  When you’re grounded, you’ll notice your energy levels naturally improve. If you’re in a management position, you’ll find employees will tend to be more productive with deadlines. At home, children will be seen as more co-operative and happy.

2. Self-Care – The mind and body are connected, so it’s no wonder if you’re emotionally-drained, you’ll know it’s time for some serious self-care.

Facts = Self-care is not selfish. To implement this habit, you can go for a long walk, read a book, or make an appointment with a massage therapist. Massage increases oxygen levels and decreases stress levels.

3. Homemade Juicing – Consuming homemade juices helps balance weight, hormones, and improves cognition. Juicing is touted as taking an active step toward preventing disease.

Facts = Juicing raw veggies and fruits allows your digestive system to function more efficiently. Store-bought bottled, canned, and packaged juices are blamed for the constant battle most face with mineral and vitamin deficiencies and digestive issues. Bottled juices usually contain an abundance of sugars that are casual in diabetes, obesity, poor gut microbiome, Alzheimer’s disease, and cancer. Sugar doesn’t make you happy it keeps you sick, tired, fat, toxic, and depressed.

 4. Make Time for Rest – A good nights sleep, every night, helps the mind and body release toxins.

Facts = When we suffer from sleep deprivation – (toxic buildup) moods, negatively change, and decision-making skills go out the window. Poor sleep habits are linked to mental illness, hormonal and blood sugar imbalances.

5. Eat Smart and Nourish – Nourishing habits include drinking pure, clean, filtered water and eating whole foods from Mother Nature’s table. Chewing your food is equally important for proper digestion.

Facts = Daily nourishing habits build immunity and good gut microbiome. It may be difficult to stay positive if we don’t make time to nourish ourselves. According to Harvard Health, eating junk foods, gluten, and sugary products increase junk thoughts. Poor food choices increase stress, depression, and dementia and decrease immunity. Why? The body doesn’t recognize chips, donuts, and synthetic foods. Therefore energy is lost.

6. Spices – Add spices to your meals. Turmeric can be more effective than fourteen different medications.

Facts = Spices like turmeric and ginger root help to decrease inflammation, in the body by balancing cholesterol levels, blood circulation, and blood glucose levels.

7. Choose Words Wisely (Be kind) – Healthy habits include a commitment to communicate kindly, to yourself and others.

Facts = Words are powerful tools that can soothe or break a relationship. Words can create excitement, or disempower.
Whether we realize it or not we are always speaking to ourselves. If our language in our head is harmful and self-sabotaging, it will prove to be harmful to others. “According to Andrew Newberg, M.D. and Mark Waldman, in their book, ‘Words Can Change Your Brain’ they discovered, a single word has the power to influence the expression of genes that regulate physical and emotional stress.”

8. Daily Probiotics – Antibiotics are not to be used for the common cold. Antibiotic abuse not only increases the risk of breast cancer, but they’re also linked to uncontrollable anger issues. Antibiotic resistance is found mostly from consuming animal products tainted with antibiotics. These include dairy and meat. You may not realize that conventional breakfast foods including milk, bagels, cereal, eggs, and bacon may contain antibiotics, hormones and toxic pesticides.

Facts = Antibiotics and pesticides harm gut health, brain health, and immune function, keeping you toxic. You can build immunity and gut health by adding in probiotic rich veggies and Kombucha for your breakfast, snacks, or lunch options.

9. Fill your glass with gratitude – When you find out what is valuable and meaningful to yourself, you can improve your wellbeing. So find that little bit of joy, however small, on a daily basis. Become grateful for what you have now, and welcome in daily challenges.

Facts = Gratitude increases energy and keeps us relaxed and less anxious. Gratitude and appreciation instill abundance, happiness, and strengthens our intention muscle.

10. Daily Exercise – Most American’s have a sedentary lifestyle and depend on drinking alcohol and watching TV to help them relax. (creating toxic build up) If you discover low energy levels, brain fog, problems sleeping or communicating your needs, it could be blamed on a lack of movement.

Facts = Exercise improves bone health, cognition, stress levels and circulation. Physical activity reduces the incidence of obesity, colon cancer, and metabolic diseases by helping the body eliminate toxins.

In conclusion when we dissolve limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors, it is possible to release toxins and obtain health every day of our life.

References are available on request.