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It is amazing how the opposite of what we actually want happens when we focus on that which we do not want. If it had not been for the deaths of three American Diplomats and the appalling scenes on the streets of Sydney most of the world would never have heard of the film “The Innocence Of The Muslims”.

This would have been a good thing. It may be one of the worst movies ever made and it only runs for 13 minutes. I couldn’t bear it after seven. It wasn’t funny or clever nor had any cinematic features to redeem it.

But due to the publicity it has had millions of views. Hence the cause of the protestors, which is officially to defend their religion and prophet; end up exposing more people to the insults.

Meanwhile the episode of Family Guy called I Dream Of Jesus (which is actually very funny) could be seen as insulting to Christians but gets nobody out in the street!

I heard on the radio some cleric saying there would be more protests unless President Obama condemned the video. Really?  The video has nothing to do with the US government or indeed any government.

Even that is was “made” in America is irrelevant. It was made by a man from the Coptic Church who in turn feels that his religion is not fairly treated in parts of the Middle East.

And therein lies the problem. Clearly the protestors do not understand that not everything that is made in the USA comes with the endorsement of the government. That excuse might work for those in Libya or Egypt who have no concept of the idea that people can have opinions different to government. But it is not an excuse for the protestors in Australia.

The picture of a child holding a placard calling for beheading of those who insult the prophet will stay with all those who saw it. Completely and absolutely appalling! Subsequently the boy’s mother presented herself to police and the Department of Child protection has made an assessment.

Apologists will say that those who feel downtrodden will seek to protest. As Waleed Aly wrote on  the protestors are not “…protesting to make a point. The point is the protest.” Spot on.

The apologists are still out there seeking to blame anyone and everything other than those individuals responsible. Somehow it is the fault of Australia, which provides healthcare, housing and dole payments to these people that are angry.

There is much muddled headed thinking. A woman from the local Islamic council told 6PR that freedom (including freedom of speech and expression) gave her the right to wear the Niquab but she failed to see that the same freedom allowed people to watch “offensive” videos if they want. She also played the “it is a complex problem card”. This is popular in health too and allows people to wring their hands rather than do something. It is not a complex problem. It is illegal actions taken by certain individuals.

In a round about way some positives may come from this. For the first time local Islamic leaders have come out publicly and condemned the behavior of the protestors. Even the Prime Minister put political correctness aside for once to do likewise.

For too long excuses have been made for bad behavior. These individuals are not representative of Islam. However because of their religion and ethnicity such protestors are not criticized as to do so invites cries of “racism”. This is a perfect way to shut down reasoned debate on any issue. They are not being criticized for who they are. They are being criticized for what they do.

Ultimately it is time people were held responsible for their actions. This is regardless of whether it is violence at a protest or violence after alcohol consumption. The violence is the fault of some movie. No it is the fault of those who behave violently because of a movie none of them even saw. The violence is caused by alcohol. No it is caused by the actions of those who have drunk too much of it.

Too many excuses have been made for too many people for too long. It is time for people to be held accountable for decisions and the actions they take.