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Guest Contributor – Dr. Lori Shemek

I know you WANT to believe there is a small little pill that will just melt the fat away. Well, as you already may know, there isn’t. Yes, these cute little pills do sound tempting especially when you are depressed and not all that happy about the way you look. There are over-the-counter products, herbal products, weight loss supplements, ‘miracle’ concoctions sold on TV and the list goes on and on. There have been attempts with drugs ‘guaranteed’ to work that have failed and one company has class-action lawsuits still pending.

The truth is that healthy weight loss can happen without side effects and, if done right, can create optimal health at the same time. Now that is a win-win. How do we do this? Healthy weight loss will happen when three things are in place: motivation, planning, and education. How does each of these promote successful weight loss?

Motivation: Motivation occurs before the actual weight loss action begins – that initial excitement where you feel that you can conquer the world! Motivation is a vital part of losing weight and is actually the foundation of a successful program because IT is what keeps you moving forward throughout – when the exercise doldrums may set in. Believe it or not, there is not much difference between you and people who exercise regularly. There is no magic pill that brings discipline and motivation to your workouts.

So what do they have that you don’t have? It’s all in the way you think. For example, you may feel like not working out and just quit, but a veteran exerciser will acknowledge they do not feel like working out, yet, commit to doing it anyway. Or you may be unhappy and quit because you haven’t lost a pound where a veteran exerciser will realize that if she quits now, she will never see the results. In order to maintain motivation, you must always look to your “why.” Why did you want to lose weight in the first place?

Focusing on your why is the thing that will take you from “I can’t do this anymore” to “I can and will do this and anything else in life that comes my way!” Go back to that place when you were first energized and ready to conquer the world! Keep the reasons “why” imprinted in your brain and habitually go to it when motivation wanes. And remember this one small word: Tenacity. Tenacity is a common characteristic of very successful people – they keep moving forward despite how they feel.

Planning: Your weight loss and fitness will be a success if you plan ahead. Most people are resistant to change and prefer the status quo because it is most comfortable. If you understand that you are a product of your environment, that having in place all the safety nets to keep you from slipping up – then you will be successful. Is getting your workouts in most days of the week a tough challenge?

Then schedule the days and time in your calendar and honour it as you would a doctor’s appointment. Going out to eat? Plan on eating a protein and complex carbohydrate snack such as whole grain crackers with peanut butter before leaving the house to prevent the temptation that may ensue. Going out of town? Bring healthy snack foods such as nuts, healthy no sugar protein bars, fruit, etc. on the plane with you. Plan to bring your water bottle with you wherever you go. You get the picture…planning creates success and helps eliminate the obstacles that get in the way of your goals.

Education: Education is what brings it all together. Having knowledge of nutrition and fitness is your key. If you do not know – then you won’t succeed. Your key is to learn as much as you can on your own or with a professional to make the necessary changes that will create success. Trying to lose weight without knowledge is like swimming upstream – it is a struggle, defeating and eventually you quit. If you have the necessary tools, success will be yours.


Dr. Lori Shemek is Founder and CEO of DLS HealthWorks where she actively helps her clients create successful weight loss and optimum health – at every level of health.  She is a Health Expert, Weight Loss Specialist, Speaker, Author.  Dr. Shemek is an Health Expert for the #1 ABC Show “Good Morning Texas!”

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