It's only fair to share…

I recently read an article that says the universe is expanding, and not only that, but that it is expanding faster than was previously thought … which got me to wondering … if the universe is expanding, are we keeping up?

The universe was thought to be expanding at a certain rate, known as the Hubble constant, but as our measurements of this speed have become more precise, it has become more apparent that it is not the constant that we thought it was, and that the universe is expanding faster now than it was at the beginning of time.

We live in the age of Aquarius, which is not just a 60’s pop song, but a physical and energetic reality; an age of expanding awareness, expanding consciousness and well … expansion!

How many of us feel that we are expanding with the age? Not in relation to our clothes size, but in our grandness, our magnificence, the truth of who we are?

If we do not feel like this in the age of Aquarius, we may not be keeping up with the expansion of the universe.

And if we are contracting in the age of expansion, what is that doing to our bodies

We are mostly space

We are mostly space – 99.9999% in fact – and this fleshy body of ours is not nearly as solid and much more spacious than we have been led to believe it is.

Not only that, we are made up of particles that have been here since before the beginning of time and have been recycled in and out of other bodies, and that move in and out of other bodies and even other universes, all while they are part of us!

We are much more grand than we think we are, and much more connected to the universe and everything in it than we choose to live. We are far more than flesh and blood, and there are many dimensions to our beingness. Life is much more magnificent than we have been led to believe.

We can get so caught up in the everyday mundaneness of our lives, in the struggle and turmoil of our physicality and our apparent separation from each other, but we are each a unique part of a huge whole, and remembering to reflect on who we truly are and what we are a part of can help us to stay connected with the universe and its eternal expansion.

Taking a moment to go out at night and look up at the stars, and to feel our particles resonate with the vibration of the universe, can remind us of this, and the light of the stars can reflect to us and remind us of the light that lives inside us all.

And keeping the big picture in our sights can inspire us to lead much bigger lives, that don’t just satisfy our own personal wants and needs (which can never be satisfied anyway) but support us to live lives which inspire and support others, and benefit all of us.

This is not just abstract philosophy, but an earthly reality

When we expand, the part of us that expands is the vast space within and all around us. We are constantly being pulled to expand, responding to the call of the universe to expand in line with the whole, to vibrate in tune with the vibration that fills that space, to resonate with the one song.

To resist the ease of that expansion, we have to call in a force to offset it. That force is not as spacious, and does not vibrate in harmony with the universe. If we choose to fill our space with that vibration, we are no longer in harmony with the whole, but singing our own song, doing our own thing, and that is the beginning of dis-ease in our being, which sooner or later, can lead to disease in our bodies.

It is our responsibility (and joy) to allow ourselves to be pulled into line, to expand with the whole universe, and to allow our space to be filled with the vibration of the one song.

“Whose song are you singing to? Your own individual tune or the song of the whole universe?”