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The ancient proverb ‘Time will tell’ still rings true today, especially with the creation of our goals and desires. With as many as 98% of New Year’s Resolutions failing, how can you ensure you are one of the few who succeed? How can you be a doer, and live a happier, more fulfilled life?

Here are the 5 keys: –

1. FREE yourself from your unfinished to do list!

F = Formulate. Make a list of all the unfinished ‘things’ and those uncompleted tasks in your life. Leaving them incomplete leads to overwhelm, frustration, stress and sometimes the dreaded affliction of procrastination!

R = Review each project and write down the steps required to complete it. This breaks it down into bite-sized tasks. These then become your bite sized action steps.

E = Evaluate and prioritise which one you can do now and take action instantly. Choose another task and do it now or schedule it into your day. Now schedule at least one bite-sized task into each day this week.

E = Enter an agreement with yourself to choose one small task to complete every day. Success breeds success and remember ‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with one small step.’ Completing tasks will also free up your own personal “RAM” and help you keep inspired to move forward and do more. Your brain is designed to be a focusing tool not just a storage bucket!

2. Live by the equation Be + Do = Have

One reason that goals fail is that people tend to live by the reverse, of Have + Do = Be. They say, When I have lost 10 kilos (Do) I will Be Happy. They then chase the elusive ‘wanting to be happy’ and never quite get there, resulting in failed goals, frustration, and feelings of hopelessness or low self-esteem.

Decide now to Be happy while you are doing what is necessary to create the things you want to have!

3. Record your successes daily

Spend a few minutes at the end of each day recording your successes. Not only are you increasing your self-esteem, personal belief and confidence, you are thus building an inner cushion of success. You are also training your mind to focus on the positive and search for the unseen opportunities in life, the source of your future successes!

4. Celebrate wildly!

Your brain is hard-wired to seek reward (moving towards pleasure and away from pain.) When you celebrate your successes your brain will send you in return, a dose of dopamine! It has no idea whether what you are celebrating is a big or small win, a huge goal or a small goal. Take advantage of this and create a daily habit of celebrating your successes. Creating more dopamine, the ‘happy’ hormone is one antidote to stress!

5. Breathe consciously

When you are feeling stressed, stop what you are doing or thinking about. Focus on your breath for one minute. Think of someone you love or something that makes you feel good. The very act of focusing on your breath will calm your nervous system. When you change how you feel you will be able to see things differently, create space for new thoughts, which will lead to different behaviours and a new outcome!

When you embrace these five simple steps, combining Action and Mindset and you stick with them for a minimum of 30 days, you may be pleasantly surprised by the results!

About Mandy:

Mandy Napier BSc is a Mindset & Performance Coach based in Caloundra, Queensland.

She has developed a 5 Step CLEAR ® Mindset Coaching Model that focuses at the deepest level of the brain. She specialises in helping people reprogram and rewire themselves for success; empowering them to learn new skills, changing past patterns and creating new behaviours for optimal living.