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If your new year’s resolution is to change careers, get fit and healthy then becoming a personal trainer is the employment path for you. A career as a personal trainer is an incredible way to fulfil your new year’s resolutions of starting a new career, improving your fitness and will reward you with amazing benefits such as work-life balance, flexible hours, social interaction, broad career opportunities and of course, a healthier lifestyle.

It’s no secret that it is becoming increasingly difficult for us to juggle employment, family, socialising and health as office hours continue to infringe evermore on our personal time, so find the work-life balance you have so long desired in the fitness industry and enjoy the perks of working out for “work” as a personal trainer.

To work in the industry you don’t need to be an athlete – you just need a love for keeping fit, healthy and be passionate about working with others.  There are many different avenues you can choose within the fitness industry, such as group exercise leader, personal trainer, aqua aerobics instructor or working with a particular niche population.  A career in the fitness industry does require you to be aptly educated in your preferred area of interest and I strongly recommend you seek out your qualification through a Registered Training Organisation such as the Australian Institute of Personal Trainers, the leader in fitness education.  The Australian Institute of Personal Trainers utilises the skill and expertise of real personal trainers to deliver the practical component of the Certificate IV in Fitness qualification ensuring students graduate with the very best experience and education the industry has to offer.

Personal training has become a sought after career that provides flexible hours and allows you to fit work seamlessly into your lifestyle.  One of the greatest things about what we do is having the incredible opportunity to work when we choose to and that is what is attracting students, mothers and those needing a break from the corporate life to a career in the fitness industry. The ability to schedule client exercise sessions around your availability is an amazing and hard-to-find benefit of being a personal trainer.

Imagine being employed to socialise with others – a career in the fitness industry will promise you that!  Personal trainers get to work with many different types of people – who become more than clients; they become friends.  Sharing lots of time together from early morning sessions on the beach, lunchtime sessions and after work training, it is easy to establish great relationships.

Plus there is so much opportunity within the fitness industry. There are always jobs in gyms, working for other personal trainers, running group exercise sessions or if you prefer, starting up your own personal training business.  As we become more aware of our own health and fitness levels, lots of Australians are turning to real personal trainers of all ages to work with them on achieving their fitness and/or weight-loss goals.

Last but not least, a career in the fitness industry enables you to stay fit and healthy – no more juggling your exercise schedule amongst work hours and family schedules. When you are training clients as a personal trainer or running group exercise classes, you are participating in the work-out session so reaping the benefits of working whilst simultaneously maintaining your fitness.


Christian Cook is the owner/director of ‘Fit4sport NSW ‘ and is the Northern Beaches Campus Director with the Australian Institute of Personal Trainers. Christian has over 12 years of varied experience as a Fitness Professional and successful fitness business owner.  He has competed as an international professional surfer and after retiring from the sport in 2000, looked for a career in the fitness industry. He is a highly skilled Personal Trainer who is passionate about realistic training approaches and concentrates on sport specific training. He still is involved in the surfing community by fitness training professional surfers. A team of trainers work out of the Fit4sport facility with varied sporting backgrounds.