It's only fair to share…

Day-Dreaming-Wellbeing-Computers, cell phones, and tablets all have their place in my life.

The task feature in Outlook helps to remind me to turn in my timecard, run monthly reports and complete other routine tasks. SmartSheet, a project management tool, allows tracking of project timelines to guarantee successful timely completion of the project.

But even with all these awesome tech tools, when it comes to my personal goals, old-fashioned pen and paper is my tool of choice.

There is something said for the act of writing. Typing out your goals just doesn’t have the effect on linking you to your dreams that the act of writing does.

Goal setting might be foreign to you and if it is I urge you to give it a try. It is amazing how dreams can be realized when you make them in to a goal and put a plan of action behind that goal.

Let’s start with something you would like to do this month. As you master planning out your short-term goals and achieving them you can start looking a year or two out.

  1. Set aside time to consider things you want to do in the immediate future. This could be a household project, a personal project, a hobby, etc. (ex: get out for an evening walk twice a week, paint your bedroom, plant a garden, learn a new language, etc.)
  2. Grab a pen and paper and write down what it is you want to do.
  3. Examine the end goal and decide what steps to take to reach your goal.
  4. List those steps on your paper.
  5. Commit to those steps by assigning them to dates like appointments. I use an old-fashioned day planner for this. You can use your phone, tablet or computer’s calendar function to track the appointments.
  6. Put your list somewhere you can refer to it often. I refer to mine daily to  keep my goals in the forefront of my mind.

Do you have the shiny penny or squirrel syndrome keeping you from seizing your dreams? Following these tools will give you a better chance of staying on track and claiming the things in life that are meaningful and add to your wellbeing. Make sure to celebrate the progress you make towards fulfilling your goals and dreams.


Nanette Achziger is a wellbeing advocate, culinary explorer and author. Nanette is passionate about sharing how easy it is to achieve a general sense of health and wellbeing. Through tips and tools in her blog and her book, Kaizen she shares ways to create your own self-care rituals, reduce toxic exposure, and nurture our selves through food, connection and self-love.