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Confident pharmacy chemist man in drugstore

The role of the chemist has a recorded history from at least 6th Century BC, but its role, as we know it is a pretty new creation, from around the first third of the 19th Century. Once upon a time the chemist wasn’t the first place that came to mind when you wanted to purchase Britney Spears’ new perfume. But did you know there are many reasons to visit a chemist? Here’s some:

  1. You have a sore throat, you haven’t been to any countries that Australia’s ‘Smart Traveller’ website would tell you to avoid, and you don’t need a prescription for some throat lozenges.
  2. Because they’re the only place that sells the morning after pill.
  3. Chemists also have bulk packs of jellybeans, and you don’t have to admit they’re all for you.
  4. With winter coming you might as well go now and buy the good lip balm before it’s all out of stock and your lips could resemble the Simpson Desert.
  5. Don’t you need a body wash too? If you get this brand of body wash it comes with a free nail polish. Maybe you should grab nail polish remover because I think your roommate stole your last one, and some cotton pads (go on, splurge on the good ones).
  6. You read an article about how Princess Kate loves rose-hip oil, and now you want to try some yourself.
  7. Because you’re now at an age that when you go flying your feet swell and threaten to destroy the seams of your shoes. You need some compression socks, which you end up wearing under whatever clothes you can because they are just so comfy.
  8. Because you stayed over at someone’s house and their inferior synthetic pillows made your face swell up to watermelon proportions during the night.
  9. Because you’ve been trying to pull the same eyebrow hair for 2 weeks and have finally admitted that you need a good quality pair of tweezers.
  10. Because Dave from work has a cold and refused to go home, even though every one told him to and it was Friday. Go and get yourself some immune booster and get ready for a long weekend.
  11. Because you sat on yet another pair of brand name sunglasses and have decided that you should buy cheaper ones from the chemist so you don’t get so upset when you sit on the next pair.
  12. You just bought some new shoes and it doesn’t matter how beautiful they are, you know that if you don’t get some inserts they’re going to rip your feet apart.
  13. You’re stressed out and your hippy friend Liz told you to get some herbal medication to help harness your chi. You nodded along enthusiastically at the time but you’re not sure what a third eye really is and you want to ask the pharmacist if he thinks drinking strawberry tea while turning anti-clockwise will help.
  14. Because you’re sick, and you need some expert advice.