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Group of young people react to great news

In this modern technology driven world, we should all be having more time to do the things we love, right?  Wrong. People are becoming time poor, stressed, disconnected and forgetting to take time out to enjoy life!

The UN Nations commissioned a report on happiness, ranking the happiest countries to live in. It appears that Australia, on this report, isn’t necessarily the “lucky country” after all, ranked at a lowly number nine.

Why is this?

One reason (apart from lack of trust in governments!) is that ‘affluent’ societies tend to create their own set of addictions and ailments as people strive to earn more money, keep up with theirs peers and the perceived acceptable standard of living. General health is declining. A recent statistic showed that 44% of people can expect to suffer a mental health issue in their life, a concerning figure. With numerous other ‘bad’ statistics about our ailing society, how about some good news?

Recent studies in Neuro Science have again highlighted that, with simple techniques, we can increase our own intrinsic happiness. YEAH. Here are two simple ways to increase your intrinsic feeling of happiness, because happiness, when you really ponder what it means to you, probably comes down to a feeling!

1.Celebrate your successes every day. If you think you didn’t have much to celebrate, think again. There are always things you did well, however trivial they appear. It may be completing one thing from your never ending to do list; the fact that you made it through the day without feeling stressed, or arguing with your partner. Perhaps you took action and started sorting out your tax, or cleared a cupboard? Celebrate and reward yourself for your small successes.

Your brain likes to be rewarded and it cannot differentiate between a big or a small goal. Whether you hi five yourself, yell out “go me” or take time to connect with a colleague for a few minutes, by celebrating and rewarding yourself you are helping to increase your dopamine, rest your nervous system and slow down stress chemicals. You are also building your muscle of willpower, self esteem and increasing your motivation.

2.If 20 minutes of meditating freaks you out because you think you ‘just don’t have time’ then try this. Every hour, stop for one minute. Think about someone or something you love and contemplate on your most important value. Research has shown that if you practice this regularly your health and happiness will benefit. Stress chemicals decrease, your nervous system gets regular breaks and your body will produce more dopamine. You will feel better overall, which will add to your own feelings of happiness. You will also be more focused and productive!

So there you have it.  All you have to do is decide to give it a go and make a start. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Imagine what that could mean to your life?

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Mandy Napier BSc is a Mindset Specialist and Performance Coach, and has been dubbed the  “Mindset Alchemist.” Having represented Australia four times in the ultra distance Ironman competition – including its most gruelling of all its races in Hawaii, Mandy Napier has dedicated her entire life towards understanding the ingredients of success, what it takes to achieve goals and dreams, and how to live a happy and fulfilled life.  She has helped hundreds of people to change their lives for good, is a keynote speaker, has written and produced CD’s, E books and published articles. Her tenacious spirit, determination to help you succeed, along with her unique proprietary Mindset coaching methodology means she is a true and authentic leader in her chosen field.