It's only fair to share…

Most of us remember the 1966 hit by the Beach Boys, “Good Vibrations”. One of the lines in the lyrics is “I’m pickin’ up good vibrations”. What are these vibrations referring to? Dr. John Demartini likes to say, “We are all vibrators”. This double entendre is open to one’s interpretation. What we can say is that we are energy beings, vibrating at certain frequencies.

Vibration permeates all matter, whether inanimate or living. Ten years ago, I came across a book written by a Japanese scientist, Masaru Emoto. The book is titled, “The Hidden Messages In Water”. Dr. Emoto exposed water in a bottle to various forms of music and even spoken words, and then froze the water so that he could photograph the crystals. The results were astounding. Classical music and loving and peaceful affirmations resulted in the formation of beautifully organised crystals. On the other hand, loud, metallic music or violently expressed phrases led to chaos and disorganisation, and in many cases, no crystals formed. The experiments of Dr. Emoto seem to indicate that vibrational energy emitted by music or the human voice can influence even the most prevalent substance on the planet – water.

There are pregnant women who believe that exposing their unborn baby to soft, soothing music is healthy. Some studies appear to confirm this. A study in 1997 in “Pre- & Peri-Natal Psychology Journal” looked at babies enrolled in a program called FirstStart, which exposed foetuses to musical stimulation. Once born these babies showed better motor skills, language development and cognitive skills from birth to six months than the control group.

Recently, we saw a report about a wine grower from Italy, Carlo Cignozzi. Mr. Cignozzi has found that by placing speakers throughout his vineyard and playing classical music such as Mozart and Beethoven, the plants flourished. He stated that the effect was not the same with other types of music. So it seems that the vibrational resonance of the music is influential in the growth of the vines and hence the quality of the wine.

Many people believe – as do we – that vibrations influence our health and wellbeing. In light of the evidence that is available, there are certain things that we can do to synchronise our vibrational energy so that we function at a higher level.

There is music and then, there is music. Music is nothing more than a series of notes, each of which vibrates at a particular frequency. The sequence of how the notes are played will influence how our minds and bodies react to them. Classical music and certain rhythms and melodies have a very positive impact. On the contrary, there is music that is chaotic and disruptive. Have you ever heard music that irritates you and you can’t wait to get away from it? That is a sign that your body is not in synchronicity with the vibrations that it is receiving.

It is a good idea to select your musical pieces wisely. Take the time to sit quietly in a room at home with classical, new age or some other rhythmic pieces. Listen and enjoy it. Another variation on this is to write out affirmations wording them in a positive and present-day tense. As you listen to your music, read through your statements, take them in and “feel” their impact.

At the very least this will have a de-stressing effect on you. Better yet, it can have a positive health impact and give you moments of inspiration. Many successful people use this process to achieve their positive outcomes.