It's only fair to share…

I love music! It is something that is found in all human cultures. At a subconscious level it connects with us. Ancient tribes had forms of music and the most “sophisticated” folks can be found listening to their favorite tunes on their i-pods.

Less techo people like me still have a CD player with CDs, which through the 1990’s replaced the vinyl collection of the 1970’s.

So it was with sadness that I note the loss of four musicians over the last few weeks.

The best known was of course Robin Gibb who at 62 becomes the second of the Bee Gees and the third of four talented brothers to pass on. The Bee Gees sold over 200 million records. If you add in the people who listened to, but did but purchase records (now there is an old term) his music would have touched the lives of billions of people.

The most recent was Bob Welch, 65, former guitarist with Fleetwood Mac. He shot himself in the chest and has apparently left a suicide note. Some reports said he was suffering undisclosed “health issues”. After laving the band he had a career as a solos artist and writer of songs for other musicians.

Donna Summer at age 63 started in the disco era but had re-invented herself in the 1980’s and was still popular with a new generation today. Perhaps less well known was Crowded House drummer Peter Jones who died of brain cancer at age 45. The bands previous drummer Paul Hester had committed suicide in 2005

To me the most notable passing was on Donald “Duck” Dunne who died aged 70 whilst touring in Japan. Dunne was a member of Booker T and The MGs. To me he will always be remembered as one of the Blues’ Brothers band members who were on a “mission from god”.

There four represented completely different styles of music and had their “peaks” perhaps in four different era’s. Yet in their own way each has touched the lives of many.

One pillar of health that gets little attention is relaxation. We need our down time. This is the time when we are not rushing madly, chasing deadlines, or focused on “doing” something. It is the time when we are “being. It is the time when we just enjoy what is happening without it being a means to an end. It may be walking in the park, it may be looking at the ocean, it may be playing with children or it may be anything else that we enjoy and that makes us feel good.

Our hormones and our moods are connected. When we feel relaxed we produce less stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol. Our blood pressure drops and our pulse slows.

In this busy world we need relaxation. Music can provide this. Time spent listening to music and “chilling out” is time well spent with regards our health.

While we may have lost four remarkable talents, their music will never die. All have left a legacy and we are the better for having known them even at a distance.