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The vast and I do mean vast majority of people have moved on from Covid and are living their lives again. This is evidenced by, amongst other things, the data on travel, the low uptake of additional boosters and that masks are a rare sight. Some have not moved on and they are entitled to stay home for as long as they like on proviso that it is not ever again forced on everyone else.

Mark Twain said that “History never repeats itself but it does often rhyme”. The best way to avoid this is to learn from history. Thus we need to make sure we learn the correct lessons from the pandemic which even the WHO has declared officially over.

Dr Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNA vaccine was castigated for describing the world as suffering mass formation psychosis. This is a harsh description but when one looks back dispassionately there was little asking of questions and little interest in data that was literally hiding in plain sight.

Alex Berenson is a genuine journalist, the type that asks difficult questions instead of repeating the government (or corporate) line. He also does what journalists used to do which is investigate claims and verify them. On page 88 of his book Pandemia (which I highly recommend) he quotes data from the Imperial College report of March 16, 2020, which was highly influential in covid policy. On page 5 of the original document the infection fatality rates for those aged up to nine was 0.002% and for age 10-19 0.006%.

Necessarily the infection fatality rate increased with age but was really only significant in those aged over 80.  All original figures turned out as over-estimates, The pattern was similar to seasonal flu where focussed protection is applied rather than lockdowns. Keep in mind these were projections in March 2020. Yet somehow the narrative took off that we were all at equal risk.

Berenson also covers masks and the fact that prior to covid all the available science showed no impact from wearing surgical masks on the transmission of airborne viruses. The analogy which I like is that it is akin to using a cyclone fence to keep out mosquitos. Again the studies were in the public domain and between February 2020 when the official advise was to NOT wear masks to a few months later when they were advised and subsequently mandated on the basis of “saving lives” no new studies had been done.

Charles Mackay said in the 19th Century – “Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, one by one.” One by one people are regaining sanity and questioning what they went through. It is understandable that many were frightened and it is hard to think straight when you are in this state.

Another massive elephant in the room is the origins of the virus. One would assume that with a new virus there would be curiosity about its source. Yet within weeks any questioning was shut down. Anyone who even suggested that it leaked from a lab was a conspiracy theorist. We also now know that big tech at the behest of big public health actively shut down and censored posts even raising it as a possibility.

How could anyone be so sure so early. Normally one would demand that all possibilities must be on the table. Thanks to FOI release of emails, we now know why. Sharri Markson has detailed in The Australian the thoughts of Robert Kadlec (Fauci’s boss);

“I think Tony Fauci was ­trying to protect his institution and his own reputation from the possibility that his agency was funding the Wuhan ­Institute of Virology researchers who, beyond the scope of the grants received from the ­National Institutes of Health, may have been working with People’s Liberation Army researchers on defensive coronavirus vaccines,” Dr Kadlec said. “We think vaccine research resulted in the pandemic – that vaccine ­research was the proximate cause.”

Dr Kadlec said they decided to try to encourage a group of leading international scientists to calm down speculation on the origins of the virus. This resulted in the Proximal Origins paper published in Nature in February 2020.

“Our analyses clearly show that SARS-CoV-2 is not a laboratory construct or a purposefully manipulated virus,” the authors wrote.

Except the emails show even they did not actually believe it. They did however seemingly have concerns about future funding though and this was leveraged. No prizes for guessing which “Mr Science controlled the purse strings. There are increasing calls for its retraction.

Lastly it is worth quoting Albert Einstein on relativity; “No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right; a single experiment can prove me wrong. A study from Slovenia concluded the following.

“The COVID-19 vaccination was done worldwide in an extreme rush to diminish the excess mortality rate because of the COVID-19 virus. The expected result was not achieved, and the statistical data are proving the opposite. The experts for public health should respect ordinary scientific procedures of the basic standard where first you check up on a new medicine on a limited group of people and when being sure that medicine is working well you consider it makes sense to use it worldwide. All research that concluded that COVID-19 vaccines were successful and diminished mortality rates have used improper methodologies and have no support in the analysis of the basic statistical data which prove the mortality rate of vaccinated cohorts is higher than the mortality rate of unvaccinated cohorts. Clinical research is confirming that spike protein technology applied in COVID vaccines causes’ severe damage to human health. Its use on humans was premature and did not protect public health. The opposite was achieved”.

I express no opinion on the validity of this study. However all public health agencies must study it. We need independent review to see if it is verifiable.  If so, then it is Einstein’s one study.