It's only fair to share…

Many people, especially women constantly want to change aspects of their bodies. We see this in the sales made by the diet industry as well as the cosmetic surgery industry. Many people hold to a view that they will be happy when they lose that few extra pounds or have those lines filled or have that lift done.

There are two key issues that often get lost in this search for an answer or solution  “out there” somewhere as against looking for solutions that come from within. Firstly the biggest factor influencing how we look is how we look after ourselves. The things we do each day.

External appearance will always be a reflection of internal wellbeing. Whilst you can cover things over with make up and make superficial improvements externally, your skin, and even more so your “glow” will reflect what is going on inside.

People who are reasonably fit, (and you do not have to be an athlete) who get adequate sleep and who eat foods which the body likes rather than just ones which the taste buds want will have a healthy glow and look which plastic surgery can not mimic. Of course the skin, as the largest organ of the body, will also look better.

There is also that radiance and confidence which comes from being healthy.

The second big issue is the body acceptance paradox. Before you can successfully change aspects of your health and appearance you have to accept where you are. This sounds like a contradiction. How am I supposed to change something if I accept things as they are?

Here is an analogy. If you want to travel from “A” to “B” you need to know where you are starting. This is where the journey begins. If you wanted to look on a map to find the best road to travel you have to accept your starting place. You cannot do it from anywhere else!

So with your appearance and health point “A” is where you are at now. There is no escaping or denying this. Equally accepting where you are at today does not stop you setting a goal to be somewhere else at a future point in time. This is the journey, as it will never happen in an instant.

There is a metaphor with life. At the end of our lives we will all die. This is not the goal of life, which is in fact about the journey.

The most critical aspect of any health or beauty plan is starting from a point of acceptance of how you are right at this moment in time. From this point you can start to make changes that will lead you to look and feel better in the future.

However do not feel that you can only accept yourself after the attainment of certain goals. At each point along the path it is about acceptance in the moment. This in no way stops you from being different tomorrow or next week.

Once you master the body acceptance paradox you will be well on your way to looking like you want to.