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Guest Contributor – Dr Peter Weiss MD

Life Is Complicated !

True, but does it have to be?  How much of life’s complexity do we create for ourselves?  A lot.

How complicated have we made health in our country?

We want to know everything.  What does the latest research show about this nutrient or that nutrient?  But wait – it conflicts with the old research.  We can’t decide which is right.  We need more studies.  Please, you scientists, give us more facts.  If only we knew more, then we could be healthy.

And we want treatment.  We demand more and better treatment.  We want the latest and usually the most expensive technology.  More of everything – more scans, more procedure, and more pills.  Give me the new pills.  I don’t want the old medicines.  Is newer better?  Who knows?  But we know we want it!

Wake up!  Your health doesn’t come from a pill bottle or technology, and you don’t need to know the latest research.  More care and more complexity are not the answers.  Don’t be fooled; a significant amount of all medical care in America is unnecessary or harmful – some say as much as a third.  In fact, the more advanced medical care may actually be more harmful.  Have you seen the news reports about the danger of radiation from CT scans?

Keep it simple.  Break free of the medical-industrial complex that is trying to sell you on more pills and treatments.  Being healthy shouldn’t be an intellectual or technological challenge.

Have the courage to live differently.  Eat fewer calories, more fruits and vegetables, and less junk food.  Turn off the TV.  Find an exercise that you enjoy.  Get outside when you can.  Sleep more.  Drink less alcohol.  Make more friends, and make time to spend with your friends.  Meditate.  Work towards emotional balance, and grow spiritually.

It’s not easy to break free of an entire culture, but people are doing it.  Why not you?  Find some support and get started.  Keep at it, and health and well-being will come.


Peter J. Weiss, MD, President of the More Health Less Care Alliance, is passionate for helping others to health and wellness.  Author of More Health Less Care, “Dr. Pete” has recognized that traditional medical care isn’t helping many people to become well and, in fact, is a major part of the problem.  Visit Dr. Pete on the web at and join the Alliance at