It's only fair to share…

Wouldn’t we all be our ideal weight already?

For too long, women have wasted time, money and stress on restrictive diets that promise to make us thinner, happier and more confident.  The dieting industry promises us that ‘this is the diet that will finally give us the results we want’, but the results either don’t happen at all, or they don’t last.  At what point are we, as women, going to figure out that the dieting industry is all a waste of time?

We’re not silly, right?  We can admit that if something isn’t working after years and years of trying, that it’s probably time to try something else.  So why do we have our blinders on when it comes to dieting? Why are we not looking for other options, other ways to achieve the results we desire?

There’s actually a bunch of factors at play, but let’s look at the dieting industry first.  They have very clever marketing messages that tell us: if this diet doesn’t work, it’s your fault.  The idea of “willpower” in dieting really works well for the dieting industry, because whenever a diet fails, we assume that it is our fault.  It’s just our own lack of willpower, or we didn’t try hard enough, or we did it wrong, or maybe there’s something wrong with us.  It’s never the diet’s fault – it couldn’t possibly be!

We believe the ‘case studies’ and ‘testimonials’ of women who have achieved great results from the diet.  And if they can do it, then the problem must lie with us, not the diet.

What the dieting industry fails to tell us is this:

  • We are all biochemically individual, and what works for one person will not necessarily work for you
  • Whether those success stories starved themselves, became bulimic, or some other horrible way to achieve weight loss results
  • How long the results lasted – i.e. did that person have rebound weight gain three months later?
  • That you need a healthy body to achieve & maintain a healthy weight.  Weight loss does not equal health, but rather health needs to come before weight loss can occur (in a sustainable way at least)

Here’s a heartbreaking statistic: the average women spends 17 years of her life dieting.


I can think of a million ways I would rather spend my time and energy in this precious lifetime.

Getting off the dieting merry-go-round can be difficult, when your brain is programmed to think that you’re not good enough unless you’re a certain weight, and dieting is the only way to get there.

It’s not, I promise.

Dieting often means feeling miserable, hungry and deprived.  Living a lifestyle that supports long-term health (and a healthy weight) can be absolutely freeing.

Imagine being able to enjoy food again, without guilt or shame, without hiding anything.

Imagine effortlessly maintaining your healthiest weight without dieting or starving yourself.

Imagine looking in the mirror and being happy with your reflection.

Imagine never dieting, restricting or punishing yourself with food, ever again.

All of that is possible for you.  And perhaps if you start now, you could spend less than 17 years of your life dieting, and more of your life being happy and free.

Dieting doesn’t work, love.  It’s not your fault they haven’t worked in the past.  You haven’t failed any diets – the diet failed you.

It’s time to start considering another way, without dieting.