It's only fair to share…

As a bloke I won’t pretend to know absolutely everything about handbags. It is fairly easy for me to head out the door with a wallet in one pocket and my phone and keys in another. For women it is trickier. First there is choosing which handbag and then what to put in it.

For the average male, a woman’s handbag can be a bit of a black hole especially when asked “can you get it from my bag”. On these search expeditions it is amazing what one can find tucked away in one compartment or another.

So lets ask two questions about handbags. What does your handbag say about you? And what are the handbag health issues?

Firstly the handbag can be a snapshot of your life. Is it organized or cluttered. Do you throw stuff out ruthlessly when it is no longer needed or are there two-year-old lolly wrappers still tucked away?

There are also your finances. Are you organized or are there an assortment of credit card and other receipts still floating around? Does your handbag have treats in it or do you drop in a piece of fruit each day, with a view to eating it of course.

The other health aspects of your handbag are its weight and how you carry it. The heavier the bag the more load you are carrying. As a bag is held on one side this can lead to neck and shoulder muscle soreness. For those who do need to carry more stuff you can consider a messenger-style crossbody as it more evenly distributes the weight.

The longer lipsticks and creams stay in your bag the greater the chance that they start to become a home for bacteria. Don’t get panicked about this but do a check and clean out periodically.

The final aspect of health and handbags is using them to help your health. If you are on a diet drop in a protein bar or small snack of nuts (in a snap lock bag) in the morning. Keep yourself hydrated during the day by having a water bottle.

You can also keep reminders for yourself about your date at the gym or the park for some exercise.

I have deliberately not gone into the issue of style shape or color because that is not something I can advise on. However my good friends at Bragbags Australia can do exactly that.

So have a look at the insides of your handbag. See if it needs a cleanout and if so then do it. Use it to help you with your health. Simple things can make a big difference.