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Everyone wants the answer to a happier life; typically most people are looking externally rather than focusing inwardly. One sure way to have more happiness, peace and contentment in your life is to identify what your highest values are and then see if you are living in accordance with your highest values.

SO WHAT IS A VALUE and why is it so important?

A value is an emotional state that you want to experience on a consistent basis. When you are living in alignment with your values you will feel vital and inspired, verses rundown and drained. If you require motivation externally you have not found your highest value e.g. If you “think” that health and fitness is one of your highest values yet you procrastinate, hesitate, and get frustrated thinking about health and fitness, well this would indicate that it is a lower value for you.

People who value health and fitness automatically and consistently have good health results showing up in their lives daily, weekly and yearly. We can start to look at our values and see how we can incorporate those to enjoy something as important as health and fitness.

Many people do not enjoy sweating it out in the gym, although if you have a high value around social interaction you could join a cycle group or a yoga retreat. That way you still get the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and you will be much happier as you are living and enjoying life in accordance with your values.

How many times do you hear or you may even be saying to yourself “ I hate Mondays” or “  “I hate my job.” If we explore that a little more closely this is because you could be working in an occupation that does not fulfill your values. If you value creativity and enjoy being creative on a daily basis yet work in a job that is repetitive, data based, analytical and structured, chances are you will be very miserable. It is not the job itself, it is simply that the position is not in accordance with your highest values.

If you value research, technology and education than this is the perfect job for you. People will complain and whinge that they do not like their job rather than identifying where they would find more fulfillment. Ask yourself “How long am I going to let someone else determine my outcome and happiness?”


This is a statement that we all hear frequently my belief around money is “yes” you can be and will be extremely happy if you are doing what you love and loving what you do. The statement money does not buy you happiness, comes from those who have had immeasurable success although without fulfillment. The only time money will not buy you happiness is when you stay in a job or work in an environment purely for money and you are not immersing in your other values. A great example of this is individuals that value family, yet work in a job that pays fantastically but requires days, weeks, months away from their loved ones.

When you identify your highest values you start to see if these are showing up or not in your life. All of a sudden you will start to see new possibilities and notice your strengths e.g. if you value cooking, chances are you are good at it and you can look to see how you can have more of this in your life, you may start a small catering business, cake making etc. Your values start to ignite your passion and all of a sudden you will be demanding more of yourself, you will stretch and grow and be more than your environment dictates.

Sometimes we are on autopilot and we forget to give ourselves permission to shine to go after what is really important to us. Identify a value, set a goal align it completely to what’s truly important to you and you will be inspired spontaneously within to do it, resulting in more happiness on a consistent basis. Science proves you do not need things to make you happy, once you start living in accordance with those high values you will be happy.

Once you have identified your values you can start asking yourself some quality questions and look to see where you have always allowed someone else to validate your value. Have a think about what gifts and joy you want to bring to this world and for those most important to you. Think about how you can change your life for the better. Be in awe of the results you are wanting and know that you can achieve extraordinary results and happiness simply by living accordingly with your values.


Gai O’Dwyer

My greatest passion and purpose is inspiring others to live their lives to their greatest potential. I am fascinated with mind / body responses so working in the field of Social and Emotional Intelligence gives me the opportunity to do this every day. I assist others to have self-awareness about their behaviours, responses and reactions emotionally, and than identify if they are getting the results they desire. Self-awareness leads to growth and new levels of empowerment and confidence.