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There are very few certainties in this world. There are even less in medicine. Yet one absolute is that to create a new human being requires a male sperm and a female egg. This is regardless of whether it occurs naturally or has medical assistance. It is also not altered by whether the developing baby is carried by a different woman.

Sometimes children do not know one or both of their parents. Sometimes the biological parents are not the best placed to care for the child. Sometimes children are brought up by another family member, friends or adoptive or foster parents. But it is an indisputable fact, that each and every person has a biological father and mother.

Furthermore, most children actually get on well with their parents. And the vast majority of parents do the right thing by their children.

Last Sunday was Father’s Day in Australia. You would think that, given the obvious stated above, that days like this and Mother’s Day could be left alone by the PC brigade. Sadly no. Some woman called Red Ruby Scarlet was interviewed on TV calling for a name change to “Special persons day”. Apparently, this is “more inclusive.”

Why is it that to be “inclusive” we need to erase reality? Every person has a father- without whom they would not be here. That alone is worth contemplating. That not every child lives with a biological father does not mean that the role of a father figure is not important.

To add grist to the mill, a senator tweeted “Happy non-gender specific parent or guardian’s day”. To keep in the spirit of gender neutrality, one can only wonder whether “it” has children and whether or not they call “it”. Maybe the call is “hey non-gender specific parent or guardian, can we play ball?” One might also wonder what “it’s” father might make of such disrespect. One might also wonder if “it” will pull the same stunt on Mother’s Day.

It also emerged that an ad promoting Father’s Day was pulled because it was deemed too “political” This ad showed fathers interacting with their children. How anyone can see this as “too political” is way beyond me.

Children need both male and female role models. This applies to both sexes. There are attributes from both sexes that help the child as they grow and develop. That not every child has this does not change the fact. Pretending that fathers do not exist, or need to exist is another egregious example of political correctness out of control.

Fortunately, there is little support for this concept outside the world of academia. But history show us that we need to be on our guard as crazy ideas have a way of seeming less crazy next time they are trotted out.

In turn, this reminds us that whether we like aspects of history or not, seeking to rewrite it, in Orwellian 1984 style, is dangerous and wrong. If we do not learn from history, we will repeat it.

Like all humans, famous historical figures who achieved much good, may well also have done bad things. Nobody is perfect. This is even more likely if viewed in the context of today’s standards of behaviour rather than the times they lived in. This does not change their achievements or the importance or remembering.

When toxic identity politics seeks to undermine Father’s Day hopefully a line in the sand must be drawn. Hopefully it will be.

Relationships are a pillar of health – at all ages. I hope all the Dads out there had a great Father’s Day.