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Guest Contributor Joe Lewis

In this article I would like to address the topic of overcoming past failures because we all know how many fitness and diet programs are started but fail within such a short period of time.

First step….

Do You Have Powerful Compelling Reasons (Affirmations) to Want to Be Fit & Healthy?

I believe that this is the first step in changing the shape of people and preventing failure in a fitness and diet program. I recommend that you seriously sit down and take the time to develop a proper mind-set and establish your Powerful Compelling Reasons because without this, the odds of failure are great. I’m not talking short term reasons like “I want to lose 15 lbs by my birthday next month” because when it doesn’t happen people quit and it’ so difficult to get started again. I prefer long term reasons and here are a few of my powerful compelling reasons:

“I want to live a long and healthy life right up to the very end clear of any degenerative diseases”

“I want to be active and strong well past age 100

“I want strong muscles and bones forever”

“I want to optimize my hormones to the max and have optimal energy levels”

“Some day when my son marries and has a family I want to be able to play with my grandchildren rolling around on the ground, kicking the ball just like I did with him when he was a little tike”

“I do not want to be in a wheelchair when I get older”

“I do not want to be a burden on anyone when I get older”

“I have decided that I want to be fit & healthy for the rest of my life”

I hope that you can see the difference between my own powerful compelling reasons and from the “I want to lose 15 lbs before my birthday” reason. There is nothing wrong with short term reasons but I believe the long term powerful compelling reasons helps people stay on track. You may fall of the track from time to time but when you do it’s easy to get back on by simply reviewing the powerful compelling reasons you’ve written. It works for me and I believe such an approach will work for you, as well.

Second Step….

Set up a “Health Bank Account” – this one basically speaks for itself.

We all have a “Health Bank Account” and in any given moment, we are either putting deposits in or making withdraws.

You can control your “Health Bank Account” by making SMART choices about when you add things to your Bank Account, and you are mindful and conscious of how you think.

If you think about this on a daily basis, you will start making better choices about your health.

In summary set up your Powerful Compelling Reasons, review them daily and by making daily deposits in your Health Bank Account, you’ll be changing your shape in no time.

I would like to close with one of my favorite sayings. It keeps me motivated to stay in shape because this is what I want to be like.

“The iron strength of a gymnast, the mobility of a yogi,
the lightning speed of a martial art master,
and the body of a commando”

It’s my goal and I may not entirely achieve each to perfection but it’s what gets me up in the morning and hitting the gym and making positive deposits in my own “Health Bank Account”. What do you want to be like?


Joe Lewis hails from Honolulu, Hawaii and has been in Asia for 33 years with Club Solutions Asia & Health-One Thailand, suppliers of premium & dynamic fitness equipment. Joe offers consulting & management services throughout the region and has been involved in the opening of over 40-fitness clubs since 1978. Joe is Asia Ambassador The Weekly Fitness Challenge.

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