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Oh, if only they could talk, of course I mean babies. Particularly those who suffer from reflux and as a new or seasoned parent you feel hopeless in what you can do. You Google the symptoms, seek support through family and friends or ask your maternal experts to save you from the absolute heartbreak of seeing your baby in pain.


You’re tired, in fact exhausted as you finally manage to settle this small perfect creature, you hope will stay asleep if only for an hour or two.

This will give you just enough time to run to the toilet, have half a sandwich, sort out the dirty nappies and phone a friend for the answer of how to comfort or solve the problem of your babies reflux.

There can be many reasons why your baby suffers from reflux. From drinking too quickly to intolerance to formula or breast milk.

Reflux is a problem that causes stress and pain to your baby and can exhaust new parents.

As your baby’s digestive system is not yet fully developed, reflux is when milk fed, can come up from the stomach through the oesophogus and sometimes results in vomiting.

To ease the pain of this you can do a few things. Feeding your baby when they wake rather that just prior to sleeping can help as lying them down straight after a feed makes it harder for them to digest.

Burping your baby straight after a feed and keeping your baby upright or in an inclined position after feeding will help lessen their pain.

You can do this by placing your baby over your shoulder or using a wedge under the mattress.

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