It's only fair to share…

Or is it an allergy or an autoimmune disease?

What difference could it make and is it worth the effort?

You know that ad on television for a multinational health fund that encourages people to see their healthier self and the same person being healthy and not healthy?

I wish I could do this for people in real life and show them what the healthy version looks like, long enough that they could see it isn’t make believe, to be able to give a written guarantee that the changes I advise will be so worth it.

I was at a function recently when I overheard someone asking about dietary choices due to food allergies (coincidently, on recommendation by yours truly), when a friend of theirs blurted “are you on that bandwagon too?”

Seeing the change in clients’ health and life possible through dietary change where food allergies are concerned, nothing gets my back up quicker than to hear the word “bandwagon” or worse still “fad”.

While in many ways, it is not a “bandwagon” most of us with allergies or intolerance would choose, especially, when it comes to ease and convenience, it is one that we are happy to stay on once we have seen the huge difference it makes to our health and our day to day vitality.

Is it easy for someone newly diagnosed? …. No! … absolutely not.

Believe it or not, the biggest issue ahead for those diagnosed is the reluctance of family and friends to recognise, respect and accept that it is a “real thing”.

All I can say is that the difference in how the person feels and functions is very real and while you have to change up your shopping habits and your menu plans and re-think eating out options, adding, “how to effectively communicate to others who don’t understand that you no longer want to feel like a bucket of excrement”, it is well worth all the initial upheaval.

Convenience, versus healthy outcomes …Choice is yours!

Move the clock back a few years before I made the changes necessary, many years before I went back to study, I was always having digestive problems – which I will not elaborate on due to the fact that it was not pretty. I was always tired, one time even falling asleep in the middle of a basketball game. I was putting on weight despite eating virtually nothing, exercising lots and clearing seemingly more through my digestive tract than what went in. I was having sleep in an almost sitting up position thereby enabling me to rest with as little discomfort as possible and actually be able to sleep. In a matter of a few years, I had gone from a size 8 to a size “not telling” with no changes to diet or exercise routine.

While it took a little while to sort the contributing factors and for me to accept that I just cannot eat some things that I would like to, I have not looked back, AND now I am at the point that you could not force me to eat those things despite that I may still look at some of them longingly…bit like George Clooney really, you can look at him but you know you cannot have him.

Remember, at the end of the day, “nothing taste as good as feeling healthy feels” and most of all, healthy is what nature intended for you.


Jacinta Callaghan is a Nutritional Medicine Practitioner, specializing in Auto Immune disorders, Genetic disorders, Allergies and Allergy related conditions.

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