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It can be more than just brain fog you may be experiencing. Sugary foods, bottled juices, wheat/gluten, and alcohol are destructive to your gut microbiome and brain chemistry.

How does sugar have such an impact on the body?

Sugar harms our mitochondria meaning it robs our body of energy and leaves us craving for more food within an hour of ingestion.

“Virtually every activity in our body is controlled by a cocktail of hormones.” Sugar causes imbalances in hormones because it’s an endocrine disruptor. We can experience more stress and illnesses because of disrupted cortisol levels and cholesterol levels. Sugar disrupts the hormone leptin, (our stop button) which lets us know we are full. Daily sugar spikes can destroy adrenal function.

Sugar poisons our neurotransmitters (melatonin and serotonin), and this is why we may experience insomnia and mood disorders.

Sugar robs the body of vitamins and nutrients leaving us suffering from low levels of vitamin D, C, B, and folate.

We experience highs and lows with sugar’s drug-like effect. A sugar high triggers insulin to deal with excess glucose levels.

Sugar is as addictive as cocaine. It holds our brains hostage which leads to episodes of binging.

An abundance of sugar shortens telomeres by damaging collagen and elastin levels which leads to premature skin aging.

High fructose corn syrup, (a corn sugar) damages our liver causing high triglycerides.

Metabolic Acidosis begins with an abundance of sugar creating an acidic condition within our body. This alone can lead to the beginning of osteopenia.

Why are some people more sensitive to sugar than others? And should those people try to avoid adding extra sugar in their diets?

We are bombarded with sugary chemicals, dyes, and synthetics in most fast foods and lattes on the market today. Sensitivity can arise in some more than others because of a lifestyle of abuse. As a whole, our body doesn’t recognize processed sugar and therefore races to get rid of it. So yes, it is possible to work on habits toward wellness, by eliminating this dangerous substance and increase green veggies and whole foods from Mother Nature’s table. Choosing health is easy with a few bite size steps.